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Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I wanted to share with you something I recently learned… my friend Troy Polamalu (who also happens to be one of the all time great defenders in American Football history) shared with me a story… Most of you know him for his incredible hitting & ball hawking skills on the field but some of you might not have known that Troy’s spiritual strength was built from the inside out at the Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. In fact before games, the sisters would stitch red crosses onto the neckline of his jerseys like the one they stitched for me in the pictures above. He hid the cross during games with his long hair so that he wouldn’t be penalized for personalizing his uniform by the league & the tradition eventually spread to other players (who didn’t have Troy’s exceptional mane) who had black crosses stitched into theirs… I recently met the sisters at the monastery and I can say that there really is something special going on there. I also got to see some of the artwork they make there & it’s absolutely beautiful. They are currently running an annual auction with some gorgeous pieces available to the public. There are only a few days left for bidding so please go & take a look & if something catches your eye, you might want to get something beautiful for your house or apartment for the holidays or make a donation. They also make organic preserves with fresh fruit, Christmas ornaments, prayer bracelets, natural soaps, baked goods, & a whole lot more. It’s how the monastery survives & it’s how they are raising funds to build & maintain this place of spirituality that has served the community & team for many years. Take a look at the link in my bio for details…
11/26/2022 03:09
Seven years ago today… I love you Sofía 11.22.15
11/22/2022 11:45
Thank you for all the love 3.3 ????????????????
10/07/2022 08:46
I got a visit from the incredible @stevenoaksart this week. Director Brad Peyton @peytonology dug up the files they used to create the original models for Ralph, George, and Lizzie (seen here) from our movie RAMPAGE and Steven 3D printed and painted Lizzie the alligator up for me to use on the gaming table. He also delivered that giant Gnoll and was responsible for most of what’s on my table currently. Check him out this weekend live at his latest convention.
09/22/2022 06:48
Happy #laborday #cookout #bubbles
09/05/2022 10:29
#XX #20
08/26/2022 05:44
DEATH SAVES X DUNGEONS & DRAGONS • DRAGON MAGAZINE #126 • “Saving the Best for Last” • SS & Hoodie•On a frozen tundra, the sun is setting, the hoar frost is glittering like thousands of pieces of broken glass.” A ranger in the service of the High King has just been attacked by the undead remains of a frost giant who has waited a long time for this moment of revenge. Having lost her sword and used up her normal arrows, the ranger has a single elven arrow left —from which comes the painting’’s name: “”Saving the Best for Last.”Daniel Horne’s classic painting that first graced the cover of issue #126 of Dragon Magazine has been turned into wearable art as a part of Death Saves’ ongoing collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons. Get yours before they disappear… ???????????? ????
08/09/2022 03:57
¡Feliz Cumpleaños mi amor!I love you so much
07/10/2022 06:21
Had a blast with @SeanHayes tonight! #Kimmel #ABC @JimmyKimmelLive
06/22/2022 03:50
Sooooo, tag Abercrombie & Fitch or nah…?#IWouldntWannaTagMeNeitherArt by: @thejoshabraham
06/12/2022 05:50

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