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A year in my gear ???? #2021 #fableticscofounder #havevisionstayfocused ????‍♀️????????????‍♀️
01/06/2022 04:33
New Years Meditation ????‍♀️✨How was yours? #wearelight
01/02/2022 08:20
Walking into 2022 like slide 1…. “Where are we?! Where r we going?!” ????‍♀️ 2021 video dumpy doo ????
12/31/2021 08:50
???? #thislovelylens
12/30/2021 08:25
How I’m spending NYE ???????????? @kingstvodka
12/29/2021 08:09
Here to support your partying season ✨ @tobeinbloom Get the recipe for our "Immunitini" and join me for happy hour in stories.
12/28/2021 08:44
12/28/2021 05:49
Hunger is the world’s most solvable problem. This holiday season, you can help @WFPUSA give the gift of food to children and families most in need across the globe. Donate and learn more at
12/27/2021 08:26
Some caught a glimpse, some of us didn’t but Santa wasn’t bothered by the Colorado storm and showed up like Santa does, in all his magical wonder. Merry Christmas everyone ????This year our family donated to @worldfoodprogramme @wfpusa and @mindup Programs near and dear to our hearts. Please check them out as they are wonderful organizations to be involved with ❤️Sending loving energy out to everyone as we gear up for 2022 ✨❤️
12/26/2021 08:19
If you don’t have matching Christmas onesies wyd? ????
12/24/2021 06:44

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