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Back to my dance pop roots at @GLAAD SO fun introducing you guys to this new era! You ready for the tour? See you around the world ????????✨???? ????: @strongestdirector1
05/10/2022 07:04
WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s happening! I’m going on touuuuuuurrrr!!!!!!!! Get ready!!!!! Which countries do you want me to visit? Announcing all the dates very soon! ???????????? ???? ????????????????????❤️‍????????❤️???????????? #LongHotSummer #WorldTour
05/09/2022 07:00
@GLAAD Awards lewk Thank you @schanelb x @dolcegabbana x @petergrayhair for this moment!!! #GlaadAwards
05/08/2022 07:05
In 2009 I joined the Atlanta council for @GLAAD This has always been an organization not only dear to my heart, but an organization that has been my home. A lot of people don’t know this, but before I booked TVD, I was performing in gay nightclubs. The LGBTQ community was literally the only community that believed in me and gave me a shot. When I moved to Atlanta to start shooting, I continued to perform in clubs. I joined the House of Brooks, with my sister @alissahmusic and incredible performers like @phoenix_atl and @nicolepaigebrooks took me under their wing. I was completely unknown at the time. So I knew that if I was returning to pop, that it had to mean something. Something strong fierce loud and savage. Long Hot Summer is my love letter to the community that accepted me, that raised me. It is a letter to my best friend Alissah and anyone who has ever felt discriminated against… I know I have… and anyone that has ever had to fight for their spot to exist and to thrive. Well hunny, we’re going to show you how HERE we are!!! The album, out June 3, is about liberation, self acceptance, and fierce pride. The time has come for me to come back home. Thank you @immarkyoung @polisg @mikelcorrente and @anthonyramosah for sharing my vision to combine art and awareness. This is more than an album. This is a movement. Here’s to the best long hot summer!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!!! ????: @haroldjulian ????️‍⚧️????❤️????????????????????
05/07/2022 07:43
@clairecangelle and I joined @unwomenforpeace this week, an organization committed to ending violence against women. It’s always an honor every year to stand with this organization. I remember years ago marching the streets of NYC with my mom, Muna, and hundreds of other women. Thank you to all the men that show up for this incredible organization, especially Christian Elliot who I had the honor of presenting the Media Award to. Muna Rihani Al-Nasser, may we continue your work and celebrate your bravery always. Thank you for leading us and telling us to “shout louder!!!”.
05/05/2022 07:01
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05/03/2022 07:10
First look at #LoveInTheVilla @netflix, out September 1st. Excited for you guys to watch this movie. I had an incredible time filming it in Italy. I knew from the moment I read the script that this one was special…I hope that everyone will love this film as much as I did!!!!! ????❤️???????? @netflixfilm
05/02/2022 07:00
More unforgettable memories from our time at the delicious and awakening @thehouseofaia
04/30/2022 07:35
We at @modern.nirvana are excited to join @sadhguru in his #SaveSoil movement to help raise awareness about the importance of our soil and the health of our planet. 52% of agricultural soils worldwide are already degraded. This impacts all of us, so let’s take action! Celebrating @felaridi today and wishing our Modern Nirvana cofounder and my best friend @felaridi the happiest of birthdays today!!!! Thank you for blessing my life and bringing so much fun silly and spiritual into my world. #EarthMonth #ClimateAction
04/29/2022 08:54
Thank you @thehouseofaia for hosting us for our first annual @modern.nirvana retreat. Words cannot express my obsession with not only the mind blowing and soul awakening resort that is Palmaia, but the staff, down to the shamans, healers and seers. I have so much more to share from this 3rd eye awakening experience, but for now here are some of the incredible photos shot @haroldjulian from some of our most memorable moments in my new favorite resort. If you haven’t had a Palmaia experience in your life, you are deeply missing out.
04/28/2022 07:04

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