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11/30/2023 04:32
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Have you checked out the full @cleobella x Katherine Schwarzenegger Collection yet? Shop now in my link in bio and stories — filled with everything you need for holiday fun, festivities, and more!
11/02/2023 03:16
OMG! What an honor to get to chat with the moms behind @biglittlefeelings, Kristin and Deena! Their phenomenal account has been a go to of how to talk to a toddler for me and all the moms I know. Today, we chatted all about routines, bedtime, and the upcoming holidays — where all of the routines can get interrupted. During the holidays, there is family, late nights, sugar, travel, but Kristin and Deena said the best way to approach these types of situations is to know that structure might go out the window. But, as long as you have certain boundaries you are comfortable keeping and holding firm to, that will help. Also, when it comes to being labeled as “soft parenting,” they reminded us that there is nothing soft about a screaming child, and the way we speak to our children doesn’t have to be harsh. Speaking in ways that we now know can provide more comfort and encouragement to children as they mature is way more beneficial than speaking in firm language that can only prolong a tantrum. To get more tips, insights, and takeaways from this conversation, make sure to sign up in my link in bio for my newsletter! #BDABaby
10/26/2023 03:51
On today’s @thesundaypaper x @hodaandjenna “Own Your Health” special, I sat down with two of my favorite people, my daughters Christina and @katherineschwarzenegger, to talk about the various health issues they are facing in their 30s. And even though they are so close in age, they are facing different issues, as they are at different places in their lives. But I am so grateful to get to have these types of conversations with my girls, as I never discussed reproductive health or anything like this with my mother. I hope these types of conversations encourage you to get talking, to learn more, to find out more about your own health, and to not feel embarrassed to share with those you love. Are you ready to own your health? #ownyourhealth
10/19/2023 05:07
Peach season is over, so time for apple crisp! Head up to my story for this delicious and comforting recipe. ????
10/15/2023 04:40
I can’t believe 20 years ago today, my father @schwarzenegger became governor of California and my mom, @mariashriver, First Lady of California. What a wild time! So many people come up to me, wherever I go, commending my dad for all that he was able to get done during his time serving California and his attitude of getting things done despite people’s political party. With my mama by his side, they were a dynamic duo for the state and both complimented each other as partners in serving CA. I’m so proud of the what they accomplished during my dad’s term as governor and always proud of the work they both continue to do.
10/06/2023 03:51
What to do with leftover peaches before they go bad? Make another peach cobbler, of course! I’ve made about 5 different recipes for peach cobbler this summer and this one by @rachlmansfield is just as good even when skipping a lot of the extra sugary ingredients(I’ll link the recipe in my stories. I used coconut sugar and oat flour!) ????
09/28/2023 04:02
I love getting to chat with @paulafaris today about her new children’s book “Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?” Paula has flipped the question we normally ask “what do you want to be” to “who” and I think this is absolutely wonderful! Rather than asking our children to only aspire to care about work and career, we can inspire them to care about who they are, what they bring to this world, and how they can make a difference, not only to themselves, but others. And, what a great message this is to adults too! We aren’t just our jobs, we are so much more! Paula also shared that all proceeds from the book go to support the @bgca_clubs, so get your copy now — I’ll be sharing a link to this and more in today’s newsletter, so sign up now in the link in bio! #BDABaby
09/21/2023 06:37

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