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My baby’s birthday! I can’t believe we have a 2 year old. The greatest joy of my life, the one who made me a mama, the deepest love I’ve ever known; this girl is my love filled joy bubble ♥️ in true leo fashion we’ve been celebrating all month and will continue to ???? (captured by @elizabethmessina )
08/06/2022 01:26
I’m reposting this because I watched it and it touched me and made my postpartum self very emotional. It also made me so grateful for my mama @mariashriver , that I get to be a mama of two beautiful girls and for the wonderful tribe of mamas I get to be on this mothering journey with. It’s the best job in the world and also one that needs the love and Nurturing of a village, and i am beyond grateful for the village around me♥️ Be gentle with yourselves, mamas. You’ve got this! ????
07/11/2022 10:25
Mother of sisters ????????‍♀️????
06/30/2022 04:01
Happy anniversary my love angel face ???? I love you more every day and feel so lucky to live life with you. Thanks for being the best husband, partner, and father ever. You make me laugh, feel so loved and supported, you fix everything, you’re the best postpartum caretaker —making me soups every night — and to watch you love me and our family is the greatest joy. Happy anniversary! ????
06/08/2022 03:28
We are so excited to announce the birth of our second daughter, Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt . We feel beyond blessed and grateful. Love , Katherine and Chris
05/23/2022 04:10
BDA Baby Episode #73 with @edeneats • So glad I could be joined today by the amazing Eden Grinshpan, mom of two beautiful girls, Ayv & Romi, wife, cookbook author of “Eating Out Loud” and host of Top Chef Canada. She was the perfect guest to chat about picky eating and to learn some tips to prevent it from happening (or getting worse)! Some great insight from Eden was that kids can feel your energy about foods, so if you are a picky eater (????????‍♀️), be careful with how you talk about foods or even facial expressions. Great tips are to get kids involved in the process of preparing meals, which does involve giving up control, as well as food with eggshells, but the sense of pride your children feel will likely make them more likely to try something new! Looking for even more tips? Well, watch our whole conversation, and then make sure to sign up for the BDA Baby Newsletter in my link in bio… with discounts and even more information! Thanks again, Eden, and I can’t wait for those pancakes! ???? #BDABaby
05/19/2022 10:54
Just me and my girl, cuddling and playing with dolls and ponies….A dream come true ????
05/19/2022 05:18
BDA Baby Episode #72 with @camilamcconaughey • I loved connecting with @womenoftoday founder Camila today to talk about picky eating and cooking, because for anyone who knows me I myself am a picky eater and not the best in the kitchen (although I am trying to become better). Camila has just written an amazing children’s book, “Just Try One Bite” all about picky eating, where the parents are the picky eaters! She shared some of her inspiration behind this, including her secret sweets stash that wasn’t so secret, as well as some great tips about how she taught her children about eating healthy. Some takeaways I loved: looking at ingredients and learning what they actually are, preparing meals together (and not just baked goods), and allowing a “throw up veggie.” What’s that? Well, you’re just going to have to watch and find out! Make sure to sign up for the BDA newsletter in my link in bio to get more takeaways and some exclusive discounts. ???? #BDABaby
05/12/2022 10:49
The ????queen ????mother @mariashriver ! Happy Mother’s Day to you! You are the goal mother, beyond inspirational in every way you mother your kids and how you grandmother Lyla Maria! You are the most loving, fun, caring, adventurous, welcoming, accepting and incredibly mothering at all times human on this planet. You have made us all feel seen, heard and loved on a daily basis! (Even kids that aren’t your blood kids feel this from you!) watching you grandmother is a huge thrill and seeing your love for Lyla makes my heart swell! I love you and hope to be half the mother you are! You mastered mothering to us as young kids and as adults and that is awe inspiring! You are perfect and we are so blessed!
05/08/2022 05:27
For the mamas that want to make something easy (we all know I’m no expert in the kitchen) and that your kids are guaranteed to love! #AnniesHomegrownPartner I'm all ears!! Mickey ears! For the first time, @annieshomegrown has brought the power of Disney to their made with organic pasta mac n cheese (which is a major favorite in our home)! How cute are these little Mickey shapes in the pasta! #AnniesHomegrown
05/06/2022 08:54

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