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How did we make #MusicInColor #BEHRxSpotify?? ???????? omg i thought you’d never ask!
11/20/2021 12:18
i just think it’s time to give them everything they want ????????‍♀️ #viviennewestwood #cmaawards
11/11/2021 08:50
Choose ur player: what color would you choose? ????❤️????????⁉️
11/02/2021 11:21
I mean, justice for Thanksgiving, but if you’re already into the winter wonderland vibes why not make it a ????????????VERY PERRY CHRISTMAS???????????? #CozyLittleChristmas vinyl and merch are available at the link in bio now (including an exclusive red vinyl bb for @amazon)
11/01/2021 08:45
stay safe guys ????????????
11/01/2021 04:12
when you’re 37 hangovers last 5-7 business days ????????
10/30/2021 10:10
A very productive 37 so far ????????: @theeellenshow: ✅ traded ???????? and made it rain ☔️ with @lukebryan (cc: @rwlasvegas) ✅ raced to kindness with @orion_monaco_jean (cc: @fireworkfoundation) ✅ got a daily dose of optimism from @michaeljwoodard ard to stay “hope full” (cc: @unsubrecords) ✅ danced like only a couple million folks were watching Why don’t you celebrate my birthday with me ???? check your local listings or watch on EllenTube!
10/26/2021 12:02
From folding sweatshirts at the Santa Barbara Gap to 20 years later, starring in a @markromanek-directed holiday campaign ❄️ dreams do come true! And @gap is also helping to make dreams come true for @baby2baby ???????? Starting today, Gap is donating $1 per @spotify stream of my version of the song featured in the Gap ad - up to $100,000 USD - to support @baby2baby’s mission to provide basic essentials to children living in poverty across the country.​ Link in bio to listen + help one of my fav causes ♥️♥️
10/25/2021 07:04
@michaeljwoodard is at it again… his new song ✨hope full✨ is out now on @unsubrecords! Listen for some of that glass half full optimism ????
10/22/2021 07:27
year 20 is underway and mama ain’t here to play ????????‍♀️
10/19/2021 06:08

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