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I am so honored to be nominated for 2 Grammys for “Hold My Hand” and the Top Gun: Maverick Soundtrack with my fellow composers. It’s a real dream to be included in this celebration of music with a song and musical theme so close to my heart thank you ❤️ I fully cried, this never gets old and I’m super humbled
11/15/2022 09:22
Name the title of this Halloween horror film ???????????? #station19 ???? @alishamichelerothman
10/27/2022 08:04
The latest limited edition bottle from my collaboration with @domperignonofficial will be available worldwide on October 1! ???? #DomPérignon #DomPérignonxLadyGaga ???? Enjoy responsibly
09/21/2022 05:04
I’m sorry i couldn’t finish the show it was too dangerous the lightening was being unpredictable and changing moment by moment, I love you. Look, for years some of you have called me “mother monster,” in my heart I knew it was better to keep you safe. Thank you for believing in me. This was the greatest tour of my life and I will cherish this moment forever—it took a long time for me to heal, but I did. Sure, OF COURSE, I wanted to sing rain on me for you in the rain. “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive”—I guess somehow I knew this moment would happen and I am so grateful to you, my dancers, my band the whole crew everyone my family and friends. Safety first. Love you. Thank you for the flowers and the cheers and for understanding. Life matters.#thechromaticaball
09/18/2022 05:19
V MAGAZINE: CHROMATICA BALL DIARIES BY HEDI SLIMANECOVER 2Photography: @hedislimaneV Editor-in-Chief: #StephenGanChromatica Ball Fashion Direction: @nicolaformichetti @tomeerebout @sandraamador.xxStyling: @nicolaformichetti @hunterclem_Makeup: @sarahtannomakeup using @hauslabs Hair: @fredericaspirasEditor: @mathiasrosenzweig @thekevinponceSpecial Thanks: @wanaynay @jenyrose
09/13/2022 06:01
Also experimented with conventional selfie boundaries #successmindset
08/15/2022 12:34
08/08/2022 12:16
Joker: Folie à Deux10.04.24
08/04/2022 04:00
08/01/2022 10:33
2 hrs BACKSTAGE AT CHROMATICA BALL Atomic Shake Lip Lacquer by @hauslabs out now @sephora and! Vegan Patent Leather Lip ZERO TRANSFER ???? I HAVE THE RECEIPTS
07/26/2022 09:34

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