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Thank you @instagram for this very incredible day! It was everything, and more ????❤️ p.s that pink cellphone case will haunt me till the end. @novaocto obsessed with you and your gowns! Thank you for the Cinderella moment!! And @besa_bella_bronze for turning me from a ghastly ghoul to a golden gurlie!❤️????❤️
05/09/2022 09:09
*Alexa, play Only Time by Enya*
04/10/2022 09:20
@revolve throws quite the soirée. LA, honeyyy, I’ve missed you.
02/12/2022 11:25
London (and 2021), you were nothing short of extraordinary. Part 1 of some of the most fun I’ve ever had????
12/29/2021 08:19
The assignment was Edie Sedgwick, not her mother, yet here we are.
11/23/2021 08:00
A hairbrush doesn’t exist on vacay, let it goooo
11/17/2021 06:57
Just found out it was Halloween this weekend
11/02/2021 06:34
Off brand frolic
09/17/2021 07:39
Only 4 photos in these slides are of actual Saint Tropez and not me in the exact same position
08/19/2021 07:06
In the (w a slight variation) words of Dwight Schrute: “Baguettes, Bordeaux, Battlestar Galactica”
07/25/2021 07:28

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