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Halyna. There are no words to do this tragedy justice. Those who knew you and your work know that you were one of the greats. Your passion, determination, the way you lived and breathed your vision, your light beam smile. I am honoured to have directed my first film with you by my side, and to have been able to call you a friend. I take you, and all you taught me, whenever I walk. You were failed where you should have been safest. Let this be the last time we lose someone in a completely avoidable accident on a set. Rest in power. x
10/22/2021 10:58
Back up to Vancouver today to direct ep 710 ???????? the talent and creativity of this cast and crew blows my mind. Let the time travelling games begin..???? @cw_legendsoftomorrow
10/14/2021 08:37
36h in Paris ????
10/01/2021 03:15
Day1 in Alaska and hanging out with husky puppies.. this place knows the way to my heart.
09/03/2021 07:04
Europe, Ive missed you ????
09/03/2021 12:15
TONIGHT! My TV directorial debut on @cw_legendsoftomorrow @thecw 8/7c. An absolute dream come true ????
08/30/2021 01:38
I’m happy.. leave me alonee ???? ???? Londoners - if you’re looking for braids, can’t recommend @styledbybev highly enough x
08/25/2021 09:09
08/21/2021 12:23
Very excited to come on board as a mentor to the incredible @k.e.a.r.a.s, who is one of the winners of the #theGreatUntold contest! This is a fantastic collaboration between @netflix and @adobe, providing resources, their platforms and mentorship to 3 young filmmakers as they embark on creating a short film each from their unique perspectives. I can’t wait to share the final films, and Keara’s journey with you. We hope to remind you that no matter what, you too can create and share the great untold stories inside you ✨ #contest #adobepartner
08/19/2021 07:47
Kissing Booth 3 dump SHES OUT, CATCH HER. ???????? Had to tweak cos #legaltings..????
08/13/2021 12:01

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