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Jumping off social media for the time being - check out @luckychapentertainment if you’re interested in what we’re up to, otherwise ciao for now! ????
06/14/2021 03:23
@chanelofficial #CHANELCruise ????
05/04/2021 10:39
So excited for CHANEL's Cruise 2021/22 Show. Wish I could be there in person but we all can watch tomorrow, May 4th at 6pm Paris time on @chanelofficial ???? #CHANELCruise
05/04/2021 12:14
A night celebrating #PromisingYoungWoman at the Oscars! @chanelofficial #ChanelHauteCouture #CHANELinCinema
04/26/2021 08:34
I am thrilled to accept a RAD IMPACT AWARD for inspiring purpose. I get to share this award with someone who inspires me -- Emily Dash -- and @YoungcareOz! The RAD Impact Award is empowering 15 young people with disabilities to live young and independent lives. Thank you @radvocacy and @amazonfashion #RADonLuxuryStores for standing with us to drive powerful change for young people with high care needs. Together, we will create a #RADNewWorld! @emily.dash.18 #radvocacy #radimpactawards
04/22/2021 07:24
@ellefr ???? @chanelofficial Photographer: @zoeygrossman Makeup: @patidubroff Hair: @brycescarlett Stylist: @kateyoung Manicurist: @tombachik
04/16/2021 08:23
#TheSuicideSquad ????
03/26/2021 10:38
The Suicide Squad in theatres and streaming on @HBOMax August 2021
03/26/2021 08:12
#TheSuicideSquad ????
03/26/2021 08:08
THANK YOU & GOODBYE ???? Thanks for spending the day with me. I am excited to share that my memoir, #IAmaGirlfromAfrica, is now available for preorder – and for each purchase, one book is donated to communities in Africa. SEE LINK IN STORY. If you are inspired to create more change in our world, the book not only shares my personal story, but it is also a testament to what is possible when we choose to make a difference to the lives of others. I am super grateful to Margot and to everyone who joined the conversation today. Wishing all the women and girls in the world a #InternationalWomensDay ????
03/09/2021 02:12

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