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03/13/2023 02:51
03/08/2023 03:25
Peter Parker would be…Peter Parker?
03/01/2023 03:55
the paper is made from the wood of a tree called eucalyptus and will be distributed by planes that use fuels, where is the rationality?
02/23/2023 04:34
02/15/2023 06:27
02/09/2023 09:55
50 years ago, the historic #RoevWade ruling gave pregnant people agency over their own bodies—allowing them rightful control over their life stories. Last year’s overturning of this human right ignited uproar across the country as dangerous abortion bans led to a public health crisis and increased attacks on transgender youth. We flooded the streets in protest, ran to the polls to ensure our voices were heard, and offered support to various funds fighting for abortion access. However, there’s still work to be done.Please visit the link in my bio to sign the pledge, help repeal these absurd abortion bans, and protect the transgender community. No one should be forced to fulfill an unwanted pregnancy. #BansOffOurBodies #AbortionIsHealthcare
01/22/2023 04:25
Just six more days until @lakotanationfilm has its first of three screenings at #PSIFF2023! In this film, you’ll see that the Lakota people are a resilient nation fighting for what is rightfully theirs, despite the generational trauma inflicted by America’s dark past. It’s harrowing to see how the treatment of Indigenous people has not improved. This cycle must end. Be sure to visit the link in my bio to reserve your tickets.
01/03/2023 04:42
Looking back on 2022 ✌???? vs. Looking forward to 2023 ????Hope you all have wonderful and safe #NewYearsEve celebrations tonight. Let’s make 2023 a great one! ????: BuckyRogers on Tumblr
12/31/2022 04:31
????The Senate votes THIS WEEK on @berniesanders’ bill to block all U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen!Tell your Senator to vote YES at 1-833-STOP-WAR ( share this video feat. @chrismurphyct, @drrandpaul, @senatormenendez, Senator Jack Reed, and @senmikelee
12/12/2022 04:39

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