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02/23/2023 03:25
❤️❤️ also these are best sweatpants bc hello vibes but also POCKETS ????????????????
12/16/2022 11:16
magical holiday adventures at my favorite place with some of my favorite people ✨Thank you @disneyland & @disneyparks for a spectacular kick off to the holiday season ❤️ #DisneylandHolidays #DisneylandChristmas
11/22/2022 02:05
happy my-favorite-time-of-year ???? do your have your costume yet? Bc this dress is technically in my everyday-closet, but it does double as a great excuse to whip out some sarcastic comments and call it a costume when Halloween weekend hits ????@hottopic #halloweenforever #sponsoredbyht
10/31/2022 12:22
you are looking at one super stoked #tandemambassador ????I’ve handled my fair share of ups and downs on my Disney park days over the years with my blood sugar, but my trip over July 4th was made that much easier with the help of the newest technology on my @tandemdiabetes insulin pump.Thanks to its ability to suspend insulin, and therefore help me avoid blood sugar dips, I didn’t have any trouble keeping busy and enjoying some very magical moments ????✨
08/12/2022 07:25
happy 21st @xolo_mariduena - you know the drill, don’t go too crazy or I’ll have to get a subway sandwich delivered to you tomorrow. love you lots dude ???? [enjoy the duo of a couple of the most recent pics I have of us and one of the v first pics I have of us. we were such cuties]
06/09/2022 08:02
prom szn makin me miss my CK fam extra ???????? (ps. Sam never has pockets so I have to ask my friends to hold my phone… clearly I need a new system bc I never learn the lesson of keeping them out of my camera roll ????)
04/06/2022 03:45
3 things yesterday taught me: 1) Oshún is obsessed w piggyback rides. i nearly tripped and died too many times. 2) it’s Oshún’s world and we’re all just allowed to be here and 3) Disney with the right people is equally as chaotic as it is magical. [oh, and 4) Joey says I make too many lists ????]
03/08/2022 11:43
so proud of my faux-arch-nemesis/true-lovely-friend @peytonlist. The Cobra Kai x @pleybeauty event was a blast and many magical new memories were made ???? & truly I adore an excuse to see so many of my favorite people at once. my cheeks hurt bc I don’t think I stopped smiling once all night. ???? (all of us accidentally popping the blow-up boxing ring at the end of the night might have been my favorite part tho ????????)
03/04/2022 12:02
visual list of the people I call to get me out of trouble… and to get me into trouble tbh ???????? I love them all dearly and am grateful every day to this show for the excuse to spend even more time around them. Our types of crazy compliment each other well.. when we’re not wreaking havoc on one set or another ???? What was your favorite interview moment from this press day so far? ps. Snaps for Tanner pulling off the dress better than I ever could ????
01/15/2022 01:52

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