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Growing up I was obsessed with Disney Princesses and now it’s really magical getting to see them be brought to life ????‍♀️????The Little Mermaid was so fun! Halle Bailey’s singing was so beautiful and my friend @jacobtremblay was adorable as Flounder???? Hair @stefanbertin Color @colorbymattrez Makeup @pollyosmond Dress @tallermarmo (I need it in every color!)Shoes @versace Jewelry @vraiofficial
05/17/2023 12:00
A book that reads like a near-future sci-fi thriller, except that it’s real, and occurring today. Highly recommend this one by Pulitzer Prize finalist Max Fisher. I couldn’t put it down.
04/30/2023 02:30
Ready for an adventure on the moon? ???? #CraterMovie streaming May 12 on @DisneyPlus
04/13/2023 03:03
03/19/2023 11:35
03/15/2023 06:08
Snow angel ❄️❄️
03/08/2023 04:02
was amazing!!!
02/25/2023 09:57
Gorgeous all the time wherever she goes and at any age. From the heart it flies directly from the heart!!
02/18/2023 02:58
be my valentine?
02/14/2023 02:41
Thank you for streaming Ugly Crier. I wrote this after I went to a party and felt super out of place. Everyone was dressed up in suits and cocktail dresses, and I showed up in my Taylor Swift cardigan with a Slimer purse (last slide is a picture of that night). I cried in the taxi on the way home (post party trauma) and ended up writing a ton of songs over the next couple weeks about the feeling of not being good enough no matter what I do or how hard I try. I’m an advocate of always loving yourself, but sometimes it’s def easier said than done. I hope you love the incredible guitar solo at the end of the song by @herag.s as much as I do! Thank you @lowell______ @herag.s @splitthemoon @mrphasematic @photofinishrecords @virginmusic @nancileesantos @laurengottmakeup @tay.flynn @mattgalle @michaeljcollin @drewkak (i hope i didn’t forget anyone!) Thank you for listening and letting me share my music and my heart with you!
01/09/2023 12:13

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