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????You Ruined Nirvana BTS????Thank you to everyone who has supported it The song was written on my living room floor after a starbucks order. Thank you @kannertime & @codytarpleyy for talking with me for hours and becoming trusted friends. I love you guys so much and I’m excited about everything we’ve created the past year! @splitthemoon thank you for being the most amazing collaborator! You’ve taught me so much about directing and I feel so lucky to work with you! Thank you @aishagdrums @shayrudolph for being so incredibly talented and learning to play the song in a couple days…I had so much fun! Also, @shane.rosenthal for taking a break from football to have fake arguments with me Thank you @mrenriquemelendez @auntfunkyscloset for picking out cool clothes @nancileesantos for doing our hair and @lorencanbymakeup for the glitter eye shadow! Dream team Huge thank you to the whole crew who gave up a Saturday to do this with me. co-produced by @avedonmusic drums @drumfill and mixed by @mrphasematic And of course big thank you to everyone at @photofinishrecords for being so incredibly amazing…so so lucky to have you guys???? Last, thank you Dad for blasting Nirvana in the car since I was born:)
04/24/2022 09:50
????TIMES SQUARE!!! thank u @mtv this is really so cool????watch my new video for 'You Ruined Nirvana' all day today on @MTV Live + MTVU
04/21/2022 09:38
????You Ruined Nirvana????out now I wrote this with @kannertime and @codytarpleyy (and Gizmo ) I had been writing so many sad songs at that time and just wanted to write something really fun. I wanted to create something where I could go in my room, shut the door and yell at the top of my lungs. The song is about that feeling you get when you can’t listen to a song anymore without thinking of someone…for me, a song can bring me back to EXACTLY what I was feeling when I heard it- happy, sad, angry, lonely, etc. I grew up listening to Nirvana because of my Dad and I love 90’s/early 2000’s music-it was fun to reference some of my favorite songs from that era (so don’t take the song too literally!). I hope you enjoy it!! Ps… (so people aren’t mad at me????)don’t worry guys I don’t curse in everyday life, but I feel like sometimes intense emotions or the stories I’m writing call for it…so if you are offended by curse words, listen to the clean version…or you can skip this song ????
04/21/2022 05:00
????You Ruined Nirvana????Pre-save link in bio
04/07/2022 06:11
Congratulations to the talented cast of Young Sheldon on their 100th episode! Thank you for having me be part of it. Watch it tonight on CBS
03/31/2022 10:04
Thrilled to be a part of an incredible team telling the true life story of Jan Broberg and her family
03/29/2022 06:23
The Bad Seed Returns ????
03/25/2022 06:00
Thank you @people for including me ❤️ Photographer: @splitthemoon Styling: @mrenriquemelendez Asst: @auntfunkyscloset Hair: @nancileesantos Makeup: @kirinstagram
02/19/2022 12:56
After I screen tested for Ghostbusters, Ivan came over, smiled and patted me on the head. I remember wanting to ask for a photo so badly and thinking it may be my only chance, but I had to act professional. I had no idea what a big part of my life him, his family and Ghostbusters would become. I inherited a huge GB family all over the world when I got the chance to play Phoebe…I owe so much of that to Ivan Reitman and the legacy he created. He was a set grandfather to us all, caring and kind—to make him and Jason proud meant and means so much…thinking about them and the whole Reitman family.
02/16/2022 06:38
02/14/2022 07:59

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