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My BTS angel always getting the cutest shots @juliaedwardsmakeup @hungermagazine ???? Hair @edmundbossmanhair Styling @masentle MUA/ best BTS babe @juliaedwardsmakeup
12/02/2021 10:56
From the very first moment with Adwoa, I felt instantly accepted. After the whirlwind of Love Island, the trolling and the judgement, it was such a breath of fresh air to feel understood. Adwoa is one of the most kind, humble people in the industry and loved by so many. Having worked with Gurls Talk on a couple of occasions, when thinking about who to invite on the second series of my podcast, You Come First, there was no doubt I wanted her on. I am so pleased to announce the launch of SEASON 2 of YOU COME FIRST! On the first episode, Adwoa chats to me about why she set up the amazing online resource and forum, Gurls Talk, that allows young women and girls to discuss mental health, anxiety, body image, loneliness and sexuality. We also talk about Adwoa's modelling career and what prompted her into invest more time in looking after her mental health through therapy. The first episode is out now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts ❤
11/30/2021 02:11
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11/25/2021 12:11
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11/23/2021 09:01
11/07/2021 07:33
@juliaedwardsmakeup @hadleyyateshair @trashyplanets
11/03/2021 01:08
❤️ @juliaedwardsmakeup @hadleyyateshair @trashyplanets
11/01/2021 08:58
To anyone who still shames sex workers or thinks sex work isn’t work - big mistake, huge! When I spoke openly on Love Island 3 years ago about being a stripper, I was shamed for it. I was shamed by friends and those in my local area too. Contrary to stereotypes of sex workers being addicts, ‘sluts’ and people with no hope, I had a completely different experience. These women and myself were choosing to make money this way. We believed and still do believe that we should be the ones making decisions on what we do with OUR bodies. Freedom of choice is a crucial element of feminism that people often overlook. With these women, a true sisterhood was formed, and we supported and cared for one another and looked out for each other. This year, I’ve spoken increasingly openly about the liberation of sex workers given the popularity of OnlyFans and the debate around exclusive content sites, so this year, I am honouring myself and all sex workers with a Vivian Ward outfit. It feels like we have made some progress, but there is still such a long way to go. Happy Halloween to you all, here’s to healthier, and more liberated sexual culture ❤️ Makeup - @juliaedwardsmakeup Hair - @hadleyyateshair Outfit - @bambiblueofficial /@trashyplanets
10/31/2021 05:05

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