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5am wrap. But I managed to peel my face off the pillow after 4 hours to get all my ladies together. One pic. All in focus. I would call that a win. Units 1,2 and 3 all in sync for one moment. My eldest is even posing me to make sure my best side is highlighted. Thanks @everanderson for always having my back. Enter my happy place.❤️
11/26/2022 06:21
A sneak peek at our #inthelostlands movie hair tests. I was so lucky to work with my dear friend @ward_s_official for this new look. He designed the hair for The Fifth Element and now all these years later we’ve collaborated on another iconic look for this new film! Ward photographed me moving to see how the wig looked in motion and here’s one of the shots from that session. We’re in our second week of principal photography with the lovely @davebautista! So far it’s been an epic shoot! I can’t wait to see how this new project based on the gorgeous short story by the master @georgerrmartin turns out, but so far so amazing! I wish I could post the whole costume with hair and make up, but I’ll have to keep that under wraps for a while longer. I couldn’t resist sharing a snippet of our process.???? Sending lots of love to you all! ❤️ m#inthelostlands #inthelostlandsmovie #davebautista #millajovovich
11/16/2022 11:37
Happy Birthday to my incredible first born @everanderson on her 15th birthday! I can’t tell you how proud your dad and I are of what a wonderful human you are. Watching you grow into such a smart, hilarious, highly intelligent and interested person has made my heart burst everyday of your life. Seeing you take on the challenges of navigating your world as a young woman is so inspiring as you forge your personality through your love of learning and creating, developing your unique perspective on life through your passion for reading and your insatiable quest to be the best person you can be. I am truly in awe of your tenacity and strength. I know how difficult it is to balance work and school, especially for someone who demands excellence from herself the way you do. I am truly stunned on a daily basis by your tireless perseverance, even when things feel so overwhelming. I love you so much Ever. I count myself so lucky to share this life with you! Xo mom❤️❤️❤️
11/03/2022 03:46
Over the past 6 years, we've communicated with 8.7 million unique low propensity environmental voters. Since then, we've helped over 1 million of them become such consistent voters that they now regularly vote in federal, state, and even local elections. They are now "super voters." This is the power of our year-round "every election" approach to mobilizing voters....#ClimateVoter #EnvironmentalVoter #ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #ActOnClimate #Environment #ClimateEmergency
11/02/2022 03:00
08/26/2022 11:25
Back home and painting on walls again! Can’t wait for my inspiration twins to come and add to the chaos @theactualfifipoubelle and @bibipoubelle! I’ve known these two artists since 1st grade and they were the ones who inspired me to start drawing way back when. I’m lucky to still have them in my life. Hang on to the the people who inspire you. They make life a joy! #millajovovich #diyart #bestfriends ❤️❤️❤️
08/21/2022 11:43
That’s an official wrap for me on my new movie “Breathe”!! So excited to have been a part of it. Huge thank you to our stars @iamjhud and @iamquvenzhane for being two of the most wonderful ladies to be on set with, to #samworthington and @raulcastillo who had us all in stitches the entire shoot and to our amazing director @stefonbristol who’s patience, vision, talent and perseverance was the driving force that got this movie made! The movie is about a not so distant future earth that has no air and how good people end up doing terrible things to try and breathe again. And on that note, now it’s time to start prepping for my next film “In The Lost Lands” with the one and only @davebautista! It’s based on the short story by George R.R. Martin. It’s a project my husband and I have been developing for about 6 years now and I’m so proud that we’re finally about to start shooting it!!! ????????????❤️❤️❤️ p.s. thank you @hilaryshawnhmua for my awesome new haircut????
08/09/2022 06:10
Got a week off filming and went home to do some serious mama stuff! Took a bit of time off social media because I was starting to sink into a depression hole. But hey, it’s a white privileged hole which is a lot better than most so I definitely can’t complain. It’s just been family time and no phones. But don’t you worry, I’ll be back strong and posting about a bunch of stuff that a lot of people think I should stfu about. But as the king Mclovin said: chicka chicka yeah! I got my own platform and you guys are still with me so the rest can just hit unfollow and I’ll be cool to have the important ones sticking around and enjoying my own personal news feed about what’s important to me. So on a high note, Fuck Kyle Rittenhouse, fuck most of @gop, fuck the democrats too, though they’re still the pill I’d rather swallow, no matter how scattered, disorganized and off message they are. Remember that mid terms are on us. Vote @garychambersjr @theothermandela and please look into your pro choice, pro civil rights and pro LGBTQ+ candidates in your state. Vote for people to end the War On Drugs, for 988, the mental health hotline to get more funding, so police don’t need to waste their time killing people who just need help, not incarceration. We need them now more than ever. Because as the Republicans USED to say: Government should stay the f out of peoples business. Not sure what happened with that agenda????????‍♀️. The fact is, there are good people on both sides and we can’t lose sight of that. I love you guys. Sorry I’ve been so touch and go and not updating as much, but it’s been hard to just post “cute pics” and feel good about it. My people in Ukraine are dying. My people in Russia are fighting a war they don’t even want and America is funding all the civil wars we’ve had in our lifetime. Generalizing? Ya. But whatever. Support our young candidates. Vote for democrats OR republicans that want to really help out country move forward, not back ward. I know you rational, non religious fundamentalist Republicans are out there. And just saying? my baby is mind blowingly adorable. That’s all.❤️#goodpeopleonbothsides #midterms #getreadyfornovember #midtermsinnovember
08/06/2022 04:11
So lucky to have spent the weekend with my amazing husband. He came to visit me while I’m co-starring alongside @iamjhud, @iamquvenzhane @raulcastillo and #samworthington in our movie “Breathe” directed by @stefonbristol! It’s been a tough shoot for everyone, the heat in Philly is off the charts and we’re wearing face masks as in this movie earth has no more air, so me and my cast mates are sweating our asses off???? Saying that, everyone is so full of fun and positivity, it’s an absolute honor and pleasure to be here sweating alongside them! ????????????????
07/24/2022 06:00
Obviously to any civilized human residing in America, the overturning of Roe is a disaster. I’ll hand it to the GOP, you guys have your shit together, which is more than I can say for our pathetic Democratic Party and their in fighting, lack of will and solidarity on anything. So yea. Kudos to the GOP for taking people’s rights back 50 years. I hope you revel in the child abuse that will result from your white, conservative, religious fundamentalism. I see you’re going after contraception and gay marriage next. I mean why not? Get more babies born to be abused and neglected and stop LGBTQ+ people from marrying, adopting these kids and actually giving them a family who wants them and will care for them. I shudder to think of how many newborns will be found in trash cans around this time next year, but of course you guys don’t give a damn about the kids themselves, that’s obvious. Once they’re born, they are forgotten as you fight any and all calls for money to be granted to help communities in poverty, to give universal healthcare and parental leave. You guys couldn’t even fork up any cash for people to get formula for all these “precious lives” you “champion”. You mostly white men (with the exception of cuckoo bananas cult follower of child molesters Amy Coney Barrett) support Trump who has successfully “Made America Great Again” by returning it to exactly how white men like you wanted it to stay. With your MINORITY in power. With conservative white men controlling the lives of women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+. This is the time to listen to the people who will be most afflicted by the overturning of Roe. Our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ COMMUNITIES. I am in the process of making a list of action steps we can take right now to make sure people most affected will get the healthcare they require. Please click on the posts I make in my stories, note the orgs, the action steps and follow the people making them. Donate to these educators if you can. #wewontbackdown #bansoffourbodies
06/28/2022 03:08

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