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Actions walk louder than words!???? #keepwalking #johnniewalker Paid Advertising for Adults of Legal Drinking Age
11/22/2021 08:01
I’m so proud of my girl @itssmeog who’s making the most beautiful “mommy” jewelry with @gavcojewelers! This necklace has the initials of my three girls on it! Thank you guys so much for this gorgeous present!????
11/21/2021 03:03
Want to give a huge thank you to our amazing glam team from both @everanderson and I for making us both look gorgeous at last night @amfar gala! Make up: @hollysilius Hair: @officialdanilohair My dress: @jeremyscott Ever’s dress: @miumiu
11/07/2021 06:51
What a gorgeous night for @amfar with my beautiful family! It’s been 22 years that I’ve been helping raise awareness for @amfar’s amazing fundraising to support AIDS research and now COVID research as well. I was so proud to have my husband and my daughter with me to celebrate this gorgeous event and it was such an honor to wear a couture @jeremyscott gown and cheer him on when he received his award for all the amazing work he’s done with the organization! #amfar #makeaidshistory #makecovidhistory
11/06/2021 09:47
It’s @everanderson ‘s 14th Birthday!!! Every year has been so magical, it really has. Ever has always been kind and loving. She’s always been compassionate and protective of her friends and family. But this year in particular has been so fascinating for me. She’s suddenly become so reliable and dependable in certain ways. No, her room is still a mess and to get her to wash a dish is well nigh impossible, but she’s also become the girl who reads her script every day on the way to work and from work (without being asked). She’s the girl who practices guitar to unwind and devours a book every few days (Well, not so much since school started, but maybe that’s because of the extra 3 hours of homework she’s doing?????????)She’s also the girl who would never say an unkind word to someone (though when you get to know her, her humor is savage????). She’s the girl who understands when we put limits on her phone and doesn’t tell us she hates us (yet. I’m sure we still have that to look forward to????). I have to say, she’s a damn good kid and I’m so proud of her, it makes my heart hurt when I see her face in my mind. Ever, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s an honor and a privilege sharing this life with you. It’s an honor and a privilege watching you grow and change and become the person you want to be. To watch you manifest your dreams into reality. We’re just here for the ride kiddo. And man, it’s the greatest adventure I’ve ever had. Happy Birthday you incredible human. I love you more than words could or should or would ever express. Yours, mom❤️ #everanderson #birthdaygirl #proudmom
11/03/2021 06:19
Ummmm yea. And then this happened???? my little 6 year old zombie butcher on Halloween. She wanted to be scary and well, we came up with this look????????‍♀️ I guess I didn’t think it was that big of a deal? Well she made two boys in first grade cry and then was asked to remove her bloody apron, bloody knives and bloody hat for the remainder of the school day????????‍♀️. Not my best parenting moment. But she was super happy about it so I won’t lie, I’m pretty proud of our work???? #notmybestparentingmoment #chrisbrennerphoto
11/02/2021 06:59
Happy Halloween weekend???????????????? Dropping the three amigos off at their school dance and then off to @brownstonedesigns for some mom time with my ladies!!????????????
10/31/2021 06:37
Happy Birthday to this QUEEN!! The coolest, most talented, fashionable and gorgeous movie star and woman of her time, my mom Galina. You have always been my biggest inspiration and my toughest critic, you’ve sacrificed so much for me and dedicated yourself to being my mom. I truly wish I could have saved you the heartache and hardships you went through immigrating to America when you were still so young and successful in Russia and I can’t thank you enough for your perpetual bravery and strength to take on any challenge, no matter how difficult. You’ve achieved so much in your life and are still so adventurous and hard working. I love you so much mommy and I’m so proud to be your daughter.❤️❤️❤️❤️ p.s. THAT LAST PICTURE THOUGH????????????
10/28/2021 04:28
New week, new profile pic ????
10/25/2021 07:40
Had so much fun going to the world premiere of @brianbowensmith’s amazing new book #drivebys with proceeds going to #feedingamerica . All the photos were taking from the window of his truck as he drove cross country throughout America. It’s absolutely stunning. Brian also developed his own @casadelsoltequila flavor “hibiscus tea” and he gave me an amazing taster from the tequila fountain!???? ???? by @chrissbrenner
10/22/2021 08:40

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