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PEACE FOR ALL CHILDREN Posted @withregram • @unicef "I am deeply concerned for the wellbeing of children in Israel and the State of Palestine. With hundreds of civilians reportedly killed or injured, we are closely monitoring the situation for reports of grave rights violations committed against children. Today’s events continue the trend of spikes in violence that have wracked Israel and the State of Palestine, leaving 199 children dead and more than 2,800 injured in the last three years. UNICEF calls for the immediate cessation of hostilities, and for all parties to protect children from harm and afford them the special protection to which they are entitled, in accordance with their obligations under international humanitarian law.More than anything, the children of Israel and the State of Palestine need a lasting political solution to the crisis, so that they can grow up in peace and free from the shadow of violence.” Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell on violence in Israel and the State of Palestine.
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