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????????????‍❄️???? ???? @jackwaterlotstudio for @numero_netherlands
05/04/2022 05:13
@miz_no_8ight draws something every year for my bday and it’s so cute always… the details… ????????????????????
05/04/2022 01:03
Just did jump 69 ???? ???? ???? and it’s my birthday in France! Another trip around the sun. In the sky. Here are some of my favorite exits ????????????
05/03/2022 03:35
Thank you @jamesjeanart for drawing your beautiful art for my new skydiving suit and picking the colors! I was so excited to discover what you would come up with a few months ago, and so happy to be wearing it now! ????????
05/02/2022 06:17
Jump 60! ???????? Just jumped off a hot air balloon at sunrise for the first time and it was purely magical! ???????? Can’t wait to do it again. It feels like flying in a dream ????????????
05/01/2022 05:53
A parachute as a backdrop? Yes please ???????? ???? @jackwaterlotstudio for @numero_netherlands
04/29/2022 04:44
Iconic Since 2002 #rb20years @ragandbone
04/26/2022 12:49
I was so moved by the Basquiat exhibition ????❤️‍????❤️ Pictures don’t do it justice, run and see it if you’re in NY! @basquiatkingpleasure
04/26/2022 12:03
Love my Guardians of the Galaxy family! I wrapped #GotGVol3 , here is a cake I made ???? We are Groot forever ❤️????????????????????????
04/24/2022 09:55
???????????? Complaining and swearing ???????? is one of my warm ups before doing sprints uphill! Thanks @maineinthemirror for pushing me hard I’m glad you don’t understand French
04/22/2022 06:35

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