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There’s a species of Canadian badger that subsists solely on Saskatoon berry pie. That is of course in no way true but if it were, we’d document them in Underdogs. @NatGeoTV 2025
01/13/2023 02:17
I know it’s still early but Good Afternoon to you, Mr. Jackman.
01/04/2023 03:01
Every year at @mintmobile we send a little Christmas gift to our customers. This year it was a temporary tattoo. But some people are more committed to saving money with Mint than others. Via @dictator_sheep and @skindeepomaha
12/30/2022 06:37
The biggest movie on Apple TV+ ever with a whopping 73% of the views happening at my mom’s house in Vancouver.
12/15/2022 07:24
This is my dog, Boots. She had her hair washed and her lips done hoping to be photographed by the one and only @guyaroch. He took this shot. His inspiration was pure pity. It was so extra and we were all really embarrassed for her. #WorthIt
12/14/2022 11:00
If we learned anything from Welcome to Wrexham viewers, it’s that nothing can go wrong with subtitling. Introducing the @Wrexham_AFC “Subtitle Collection” from @vistaprint.
11/15/2022 03:05
This birthday was the best birthday of all. Thanks for all the kind messages. ????
10/25/2022 02:48
So happy to have this motherfu**er as our spokesman. @aviationgin
10/03/2022 01:07
I made a bet with @robmcelhenney. I lost. But it still paid off. Thank you to @LeadFromBehind @DrLaPook & @nyulangone
09/13/2022 01:02
True story about Rob. @wrexhamfx
09/03/2022 11:57

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