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K pena cuando vuelves d las vacaciones T.T
01/16/2023 08:00
Our new year baby!!!! @sjpcollection Resort is now live on!Color, sparkle, our very first platform (!) and a brand new shoebox “to boot.”We hope this brings you some cheer as we embark upon 2023.W​e can't wait to see how you wear them.X, SJ
01/02/2023 04:00
Everything about @decisiontoleave @tangwei_ld #Hae il Park@mermaidleejh And it’s director Park Chan-wook, cinematographer Ji-yong Kim and co-writer with Mr. Chan-work, Jeong Seo-GyeongThe work from all is glorious. And when you have finished this most beguiling movie look up the song “Mist”X, SJ
12/17/2022 06:08
Wow. Wow. Wow. Stunned. Flattered. Speechless.@cuisinemagazine, New Zealand's top food magazine, has voted our @invivoxsjp Rosé the #1 Rosé in the country, awarding it Five Stars and "Best Buy".Our blend was blind tasted by some of the most well-respected judges in the New Zealand wine industry and, in their words, 'beguiled them at every turn.'An early holiday gift, wrapped in a bow!!Head to to find a bottle for you or a loved one, and follow @invivoxsjp for all future updates.Cheers, @cuisinemagazine!X, SJ
12/14/2022 03:43
Don’t end. X
11/19/2022 06:50
@lindt_usa Bring Teddy to the US!!!!I speak for millions.X, SJ
11/11/2022 07:13
A small portion of kitties collection.Found everywhere.@lego aren’t just for humans.Parker-Broderick’s, watch your feet. X, SJ
10/28/2022 01:37
Oct 1st, 2022Rabbit rabbit.X, SJ
10/01/2022 01:49
@justlikethatmax Just this much. For now.X, SJ
09/21/2022 05:38
September 11th, 2022Didn’t see you tonight but I know you are there.Never forget.I ❤️ NY.X, SJ
09/12/2022 03:17

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