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She is Momo. Our first ever @sjpcollection rubber soled boot. You may have seen her sneaking around. Made for the colder winter months, practical and pretty!!! I do her all zipped up and folded down show off her luxe faux fur. All comfort!!! And her timing? Perfect. Our waitlist got a head start on shopping, so head to to grab yours in one of three brand new colorways before she's gone. And as always, any questions, ask away! Stay warm and healthy, SJ X​​
01/13/2022 09:55
Oh Gemmy. X, SJ
01/11/2022 12:13
Some delightful news to kick off the new year. Our 2021 @invivoxsjp Sauvignon Blanc received a 92 point rating from @wine_spectator, our highest rating ever from the publication. We are proud, honored and overcome with excitement. It's a thrill to know that others are enjoying our wines as much as we are. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2022, and to all those who have included @invivoxsjp in their celebrations, big and small. With gratitude and appreciation, SJ x PS. To shop our wines or to learn where you can purchase them locally, visit
01/07/2022 08:08
A gem. A wildly surprising and detailed history of the Vanderbilt family and NYC. As a NY’er, completely absorbing but for everyone. No matter where this finds you. Congratulations @andersoncooper and Katherine Howe. Expertly told! X, SJ
01/07/2022 06:31
Good morning NYC. It’s pretty. For now. X, SJ
01/07/2022 04:14
Directed by @cynthiaenixon. And Just Like That... she did a beautiful job! We are so proud. As well, some familiar and much beloved actors join in this week's @justlikethatmax episode. Available now to stream on @hbomax. Congratulations @cynthiaenixon on your AJLT directorial debut. We hope you enjoy. X, SJ​
01/06/2022 05:51
So many have asked what I’m reading these days. Franzen’s pages, his Crossroads is where you will find my head. Buried. Been carting it around forever but this wasn’t a book I wanted to dip in and out of as time allowed. It deserves devotion and proper attention. I’m so glad I waited to find that kind of time. Oh so worth it. If you haven’t already, find your way and the time. Mr. Franzen did it. Again. X, SJ
01/05/2022 05:56
SLOW NEWS. And TORTOISE MEDIA. Between learning lines, this is where I am. So, so much to discover, learn and simply great investigative reporting. Easily available on most podcast apps. Or dash right on over to @tortoise and join the community of curious listeners! X, SJ
01/04/2022 08:59
January 1st, 2022 Rabbit rabbit X, SJ
01/01/2022 08:52
Betty White. Sue Ann Nivens. And everything else. Plus the joy. A treasure. RIP X, SJ
01/01/2022 12:34

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