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@tommyhilfiger Classics Reborn campaign!! Feeling very proud to work together & reimagine Tommy’s classic styles more sustainably #PlayItForward #TommyXShawn
05/16/2022 06:00
I was honoured to receive such a beautiful award last night at the Junos Here’s something i would have loved to hear when i was 15 ????
05/16/2022 01:35
We’re partnering to bring more sustainable clothing to the forefront. Through reimagining the Tommy classics using more sustainable materials, plus a $1mm commitment to greening Wonder: The World Tour, this is just the beginning. Follow along while we #PlayItForward #TommyXShawn #TommyHilfiger
05/12/2022 04:00
05/11/2022 06:00
05/09/2022 03:47
King. @lewishamilton
05/08/2022 10:29
@mirandamcdonald - @tiffbrisenostylist - @heyannabee ✨????
05/03/2022 05:42
i’m so proud to have attended the Met Gala with @tommyhilfiger this year. walked the carpet in a beautiful upcycled look ✨✨
05/03/2022 06:31
thank you @jimmyfallon for having me last night. I had the best time !! I love your show and your crew & i love you ❤️ im beaming
04/30/2022 08:04
Practice makes perfect! Jimmy and Shawn are getting ready to host the show tonight. Tune in @nbc 11:35/10:35c #ShawnOnFallon #FallonTonight
04/30/2022 01:26

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