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Okay let’s call it what it is… Hartford’s aesthetically pleasing 1st birthday carousel.
01/11/2022 07:01
LOTS of female energy in this pic. Like, a lot a lot. Like possible cat fight a lot. But also… family. ♥️
01/11/2022 08:01
Happy 1st birthday my darling baby Hartford!!! When I was pregnant & imagining what my baby was like, for some reason I would picture this quiet, docile, dark haired brown-eyed little girl inside my belly… Obvs I was way off. She’s turned out to be the most spunky, determined, curious, bossy, bright, funny, demanding, friendly, dramatic, confident, independent, thoughtful, sweet blue-eyed baby. Beaut’s got main character energy for days… and she’s given me the best year of my life. I love you, my darling girl. ????♥️????
01/07/2022 10:11
When you’re a Blair but you look more like a Serena. #nye
01/01/2022 04:01
2021 will always be my favorite year because of our Hartford. ♥️????????
12/31/2021 08:01
My Beaut Beaut’s 1st Christmas. ♥️????
12/26/2021 10:28
Renaissance energy
12/16/2021 07:59
I seeeeeriously got lucky with this little chick.
12/15/2021 10:15
My little Beaut Beaut went to Disney. Turns out it’s way harder to get Pinterest worthy Disney photos than I thought.
12/02/2021 10:18
It’s officially Christmas time. Our babies are cute. And the second slide has season 1 Stassi/Scheana vibes. ????
11/28/2021 11:11

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