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12/05/2023 12:44
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☺️ HAPPY NOVEMBER! ❤️ I thought I’d kick off the month with a try-on haul w/@shein_us! ????#QOTD: Which one do you like best!? 1. Athletic 2. Cozy 3. Going out! // My fav is #1!!! And right now @sheinofficial is doing a Black Friday Early Access Sale with some items up to 90% off ???????? So hint hint snag anything you’ve been eyeing! ???? If you like my style:???? ID:1. Workout set: 117085792. Furry booties: 176102303. Graphic hoodie & sweatpants: 125109114. Two-tone jacket & pants: 111778065. Enjoy!!I am obsessed and shocked at the quality of the workout set and the softness of the sweatpants set as it’s so freaking soft!!! The deals and the quality make me so happy & I feel like I could live in all these xD #SHEINGoodFinds #SHEINforAll #loveshein #sheinpartner #SHEINblackfriday #saveinstyle
11/02/2023 02:25
???? “Phone Call to Heaven” coming 11/10!! Link in Bl0! #PhoneCallToHeaven???? Need I say more… okay I really don’t know if I’m ready for this and it overwhelms me to think of it out in the world ???? But it’s TIME!!! ????❤️
10/28/2023 01:29
???? Tried the new ai school yearbook trend.. ???????? y’all this is crazy!!!! It’s almost looks like me but slightly off, haha ???? However I really dig all the outfits & wanna recreate the looks.. ????‍♀️ What’s your fav & how do we feel about the short hair?! #ai #aitrend Anyways have a great day!! ❤️????
10/05/2023 05:09
Denim on denim? Good vibes on good vibes!? ???? ✨ Having so much fun in Nashville this week but so excited to be home to work on stuff for my new album coming out soon, hehe. ???? ???? #QOTD: how’s your week going? ☀️
09/28/2023 02:58
I’m not sorry for all my emotions ❤️‍???????? // ahhh who’s listening to my new song rn!?! ???? #crackedopen ITS OUT ITs out it’s out!???? Yes I’m freaking out a little haha ???? okay have a great day! -????: @bringoutthegold
09/23/2023 03:03
???? All that I needed was a friend, and that’s when I found you.” ❤️ You’ll fill up your heart & soul with who and what you pour into. ????The times I feel most alone are times when I don’t see friends/community enough. Sometimes the world in my brain gets so small when all it takes is popping into someone else’s story; and that immediately gets me in the real world. There’s friend “gems” in life that are batteries and they pour in and refill me when I don’t even know I need it. ✨ Sometimes you have to put yourself out there to go try and find those friends. (Guilty* & still working on this ????) We all need those who connect at the depth and darkness that life can bring but also in the adventure and fun and simplicity that it can also be. ❤️❤️ #QOTD: Do you have that kind of friend? Or are you/can you be that kind of friend? Sometimes I forget I can (and need to be) the friend that I want. LIFE GETS BUSY OKAY ???? Aka be the one to reach out, be the one to offer support, be the one to spontaneously check in, etc. so todays thought is to check in with someone who’s on your heart or mind. ❤️ (lmk how it goes after you do so we can spread hope and love!!) P.S. made a cute little recap from the suicide pop-up event I went to. ???? @qbunited ❤️Much love to @caitlyn_kasica & @bristauss who always put a smile on my face. ????Song is: Unreleased one me & @danielfeels started ????
09/11/2023 04:25

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