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Last lewk for the press tour. What a whirlwind it’s been.
11/19/2021 10:18
I guess this is an appreciation post for @joshuahenryofficial ❤️ we had a blast on screen and behind the scenes. So grateful to have gone on the journey with such a special human by myself side. @ticktickboom is streaming now on @netflix ❤️❤️
11/19/2021 09:37
THE PRINCESS SWITCH 3: ROMANCING THE STAR is now streaming! Fiona, the femme fatale we love to hate, is back, and we can’t wait to see what she’s been up to!
11/18/2021 07:00
Last nights lewkkk
11/18/2021 05:07
MERRY SWITCHMAS!!!! Princess switch 3 photo dump because it’s OUT NOW on @netflix ????let the holiday vibes begin and enjoyy ????????❤️✨
11/18/2021 03:34
It’s the doorman for me ???? off to @theviewabc
11/17/2021 07:04
@vanessahudgens stopped by to talk all things @ticktickboom and what it was like on set with Lin-Manuel Miranda. #FallonTonight
11/17/2021 05:57
When you fall in love with a chair after drinking some wine looool
11/17/2021 05:28
The vibes for @fallontonight ????????
11/17/2021 03:50
SPOTTED- Me. In the cutest coat ever ???????? on my way to @fallontonight
11/17/2021 03:02

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