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Just a gaggle of VIP’s, nothing to see here
01/06/2022 08:56
Penguins, grass, bananas, lamps, and the number 7. All things that would be cooler if they were blue.
01/05/2022 10:00
Getting ready for prom with your future moms!
12/19/2021 08:17
12/17/2021 06:15
Film from Mexico with mama ✨
12/09/2021 12:02
Pick a decade and run with it ???? @dr.kramerr
11/12/2021 08:49
Mouthpiece is premiering online at @sohofilmfest tomorrow with a q&a on Nov 6th at 2pm PST! Ticket’s are only $12 for seven short films and you can view them for seven days. Ticket link in bio! You can also vote for us for the audience award if you’re jazzy like that.
11/02/2021 10:44
I’m just a girl that doesn’t take life too seriously and can make fun of herself haha lol :P
11/01/2021 01:33
Just a casual afternoon rip w/ pro athlete @emfrazzled Camera work and editing by yours truly
10/26/2021 01:36
The only thing you need to understand about Austin
10/13/2021 06:18

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