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Chris experienced zero gravity briefly last year during the Oscars lol
03/20/2023 01:05
Hey guys, that Netflix special though am I right????
03/12/2023 12:07
Definitely needed that laugh today
03/08/2023 10:47
That means errrrthang coming from you… been in the artistic trenches with you I know what you’re made out of I know what you’ve given us so many incredible movies, and performances… you have done so much for the culture… you have been instrumental in my progress… I am 10 toes down, no matter what comes down… my brother from Philly BIG WILLY!! O BTW see u in PARIS ????
03/05/2023 01:43
03/03/2023 12:06
The fact that you thought the movie wouldn't get perceived accepted watched due to a mistake made. Humbled me. Even a super star actor like you can feel regret remorse VS being over confident cocky. You are not only a great actor but also a good person. Keep doing your thing and we will continue to support you. Nobody is perfect no one lives a perfect life but any person who can put others perspectives first is a great person. I'm very happy for you Mr. Smith and I can't wait for your next project. Side note directed by will Smith I think we're all ready for that....!
02/26/2023 03:59
02/24/2023 11:35
Imagine doing a video in your car then showing up on Will Smiths instagram.
02/21/2023 01:01
???????? GO BIRDS
02/12/2023 09:32
BIG WILL! My MAN, if I knew that 69 was going to THIS FINE I would’ve done it a LONG time ago! People keep asking me “ When are you and Will gonna do Pursuit of HappYness part 2?” I always tell them that I’m doing THAT S$&T NOW! HA! Ringing the closing bell for trading on NASDAQ today! Just did my FIRST IPO! BACK UP YHE TRUCK! MAD LOVE TO YOU AND THE FAM! ✌????????????????????CG
02/09/2023 05:17

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