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I thought I understood the relationship between fishing and the internet, but then here comes #ATTFiber, now delivering up to 5-Gigs of speed. Totally game-changing. Literally. #ATTPartner  Learn more at Ltd. avail/areas. Spds vary, not g’td. Max 4.7 Gbps on single wired device. See
01/24/2022 11:04
2022 LFG ????
12/31/2021 11:05
Throwback to our time in Dubai @jessicaalba #NowPlaying #DubaiPresents
11/10/2021 08:19
The actual moment I fell in love with @jessicaalba in Dubai. @visitdubai #NowPlaying #DubaiPresents
11/03/2021 05:08
It’s my bday again? I’m gettin old now- thanks for the bday wishes everyone I love you. I am so lucky to be able to be on this amazingly fun ride with you all. This one feels very special as I get to spend it in Thailand, alongside the most talented and kind cast and crew, making a movie that I think will be awesome… couldn’t be a happier moment in my life. Love you all so much????????????
10/18/2021 07:43
Let’s fix this so we can keep making beautiful movies together. Love you guys, I stand with you. #iasolidarity
09/25/2021 07:10
So this happened in Dubai... #nowplaying #dubaipresents
09/08/2021 03:59
She’s always getting me out of trouble... ???? #DubaiPresents @jessicaalba
08/03/2021 03:59
Guess where…#comingsoon @jessicaalba
08/02/2021 03:00
She drives, I pick the playlist #comingsoon ???? #CraigGilespie @jessicaalba
07/29/2021 03:00

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