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My favorite girl in my favorite room ????
01/24/2023 10:50
Hi! It’s my birthday and so I would love to ask, as a birthday wish, for everyone to do something nice for somebody else. A friend or a stranger, doesn’t matter. Give a compliment, open a door for someone, call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time… etc. If you feel like it let me know what your good deed was in the comments. Thank you so much! I am so grateful for all of your kindness.
01/18/2023 12:19
Absolutely tragic news!
01/13/2023 10:25
Me manifesting in the mirror for 2023 ✨
12/30/2022 08:18
Christmas photo dump! ????
12/26/2022 05:13
Not sure this bow is big enough…
12/21/2022 07:45
Feeling extra festive at the #WhiteHouseChristmas in this custom @shoprhode dress. ❤️????✨
12/14/2022 07:47
It’s that time of year again????✨
12/07/2022 11:52
@mattbloyd out here just tuggin’ at our heart strings with a new one, “Proud of your Boy” written by @imjulesbrave, @bradley_collins and @bayturnermusic ????❤️
11/19/2022 07:29
The world has lost a true legend. Loretta was the warmest kindest person and such an incredible inspiration to me and so many millions of others. Meeting her and singing with her was my greatest honor and a time I will never forget. She will be so missed. ????????????
10/04/2022 08:37

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