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Beach Buds
09/18/2021 01:28
????????ERIC???????? 42yrs ago today you were born and without a doubt I know that God created and shaped you to be my purest love, truest companion, my forever person, my ALL in everything, my everyday and night answered prayer before I even knew the words to speak. The gift of life began with your first breath to bring forth my purpose to be brought into this life. I truly was born to love you. As a child I talked to God asking for you and you found me when my heart least expected eternal intimacy. I am graced to be living within your soul and you within mine until the end of time. I am HAPPY it is your BIRTHDAY...the blessed day this world received the gift of you is the greatest day of the year for so many, but especially for your fortunate wife and our beautifully perfect children. I love you. Maxwell loves you. Ace loves you. Birdie loves you.
09/16/2021 04:54
????Compliments???? I told my kids this morning before school to give someone a compliment today and they gave me an “ok cool” look that made my insides feel cozy. When I reflect on my childhood, growing up as a pastor’s daughter and the daughter of a pastor’s wife, I’m reminded in my own parenting of the simple teachings instilled within my heart to purely make/do/give a kind gesture to someone just at random everyday. Complimenting others helped me step into the rooted foundation of honest character building. If we allow ourselves to just stop and examine intuition we can hear our soul directing us to who needs to hear kindness in that very moment. If compliments are hard for you to offer, start with giving yourself one first.
09/13/2021 08:28
Little Miss Birdie is the BOSS. She says “I want school right now please” We say “Ummm you are only 2 Bird” She says “I want my teacher” We say “Well...who is your teacher?” She says “Mama she is at my school silly, you funny...ok let’s go now” We say “Birdie let’s wait a little bit longer” She says “I not a baby, I go to school now” We say “Well you are our baby” She says “No yous are my babies, let’s go” and off we went sprinting to catch up. It was an emotional and happy morning. I think I’m in a bit of shock at the moment. Gosh darn #BIRDIEMAE is in Pre-School ????????????????
09/08/2021 11:44
???????????? Repost from @justincoloma • Shooting a secret project with this icon today…
09/07/2021 03:18
My kids make fun of me since I only eat the tips of the bacon ????
08/31/2021 07:49
Come and Knock On My Door
08/27/2021 05:26
Happy wife. Happy life. Ladies and Gents it’s date night ????????????
08/27/2021 05:05
After a year and a half these HAPPY kiddos are BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!! New school. New beginnings. This fam is feeling very blessed ????????????????????‍♀️
08/26/2021 01:10
Watchin’ Ace pitch wearin’ paisleys and grubbin’ on pineapple pops #MAXIDREW #BIRDIEMAE
08/17/2021 03:11

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