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I saw this quote hanging on Nina’s wall at home and it says “friendship isn’t just one big thing, it’s a million little things.” Here’s to many more little things. To many more laughs, to taking chances, and always fighting for what’s right… Love you Nina. I am so deeply grateful for you in my life. ????
06/15/2021 07:00
Enjoying my diamond suit by my best friend @alissahmusic a little too much on set. Swipe up in my stories. She just made them available for everyone! ???? #Dienasty
06/14/2021 07:00
Curls just wanna have fun ????
06/11/2021 06:55
Kitty Noir.
06/09/2021 07:00
If being yourself feels weird, get weirder and take pictures.
06/07/2021 07:00
A @RuslanBaginskiy summer... Thank you @ruslanbaginskiy_hats for creating my custom countryside dream hat and my love @dijonnaise911 for capturing it. ❤️
06/04/2021 07:01
Gravity defiance in motion. Directed and shot by: @dijonnaise911 Choreography: Me x @Michaeldoi Hair: @iamdevapink @adidas #Dance
06/02/2021 07:01
In absolute paradise with my new @lorealparis Skin Paradise moisturizer. It’s water based, an SPF, lightweight, plus it gives me 24 hour hydration for a fresh glow. ❤️???? #lorealpartner
05/31/2021 07:00
Countdown starts now.... July 2021.???? @ale_ssiofilippelli
05/28/2021 07:00
Climate change triggers displacement for more than 20 million people each year and worsens living conditions for those who have already been displaced. #UNHCR provides much needed assistance to many refugees impacted by this global crisis. Let’s all do our part to preserve our one and only planet. Follow MY EARTH IS BEATING #myEIB, a photo collection for the climate by @luisaviaroma and #LVRSustainable, coordinated and shot by @natgeo photographers @lucalocatelliphoto and @gabrielegalimbertiphoto, and narrated by @raffaelepanizza.
05/25/2021 08:00
Waiting for the lens swap.
05/24/2021 07:01
Creating a splash with some of my favorite colors!! Launching my new Ko-Fi account, check the link in bio to get access to exclusive content Video shot, directed and edited by my wildly talented partner @dijonnaise911.
05/21/2021 07:00

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