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Satin pajama flats for the transition to dressing up your bottom half again ???? @katyperrycollections #shoesdaytuesday
01/05/2021 10:10
Leaving 2020 like...✌????
01/01/2021 09:00
It may be the end of 2020, but it’s #NotTheEndOfTheWorld ???? Thanks again to @zooeydeschanel for being the BEST stand in while I was on maternity leave! ????
12/31/2020 08:03
Want your voice to be heard? Use your voice. Want more change? Make more change. Need more love? Give more love. You get what you give... The LAST election is in ONE week, and early voting ends THIS THURSDAY! Vote for the CHANGE you seek #Georgia #OneDanceLeft ♥️ Find your voting info at
12/29/2020 11:19
In case you missed another Great Conjunction... watch 2 become 1 in the #NotTheEndOfTheWorldVid ????????????‍♀️ #TBT ????: @jgrantphoto / @gettyentertainment
12/24/2020 11:01
I told ???????? to take the day off and asked some of my friends at @bgca_clubs to ???? their wish for 2021. So ♥️ to partner with @Amazon to deliver some much-needed smiles in a year where so many lost their smile...
12/24/2020 07:14
Have a ball and do it all in the Adora and the Hux ????????‍♀️ (except remember what day it was yesterday ????????) #welpwednesday #belatedshoesdaytuesday ps: don’t forget 10% of every @katyperrycollections sale this month goes to @davidlynchfoundation! ♥️
12/23/2020 07:06
Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them look like @zooeydeschanel ???????? #NotTheEndOfTheWorldVid is out now ICYMI ????
12/23/2020 02:57
Hey friends ♥️ it sure is a busy time ain’t it? If you live in GEORGIA I know of a gift unlike any other... give the gift of YOUR VOTE! Georgia, your voice will decide the next four years - Don’t wait! Make sure you head to so you have everything you need before you head to the polls. EARLY VOTING ENDS DEC 31ST! #sendingyouloveandlight #VoteEarlyGA #GAvotes
12/23/2020 02:02
Ft @zooeydeschanel @davidlynchfoundation @meditationbob
12/21/2020 09:58
Join me on Instagram Live at 10:00a PT to chat with @zooeydeschanel about the video, and then my friend Bob Roth from @davidlynchfoundation will lead a group meditation for the Great Conjunction✨ Even if we can’t ???? the internet, we can reset our minds! ♥️
12/21/2020 07:05
???? BREAKING NEWS ????#NotTheEndOfTheWorldVideo IS HERE!!!! Link in bio
12/21/2020 05:00

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