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Rachael Nicole.. Rae Rae.. @rachaelnobrien - ???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my love. To say best friend would be an understatement. You were my very first friend in LA (2007) and you’re absolutely my soul sister. You’re a workhorse, a creative, a tap dancing angel and now a farmer, clearly. I can’t wait to stand by your side when you say, “I do”. I know how much you love (hate) sappy shit so I’ll leave it be and text you voice memos while you ranch in CO. I love you, weirdo angel face. Cheers to ????, ????, & Fleetwood Mac. ????
07/10/2021 05:39
family weekend photo dump ????
06/29/2021 08:43
happy birthday doll face. you’re a sassy, boss bitch, gorgeous angel and we are all so fucking blessed to have you in our lives. love you @riawna ????✨ @aviatornationdreamland #soulove
06/19/2021 10:31
I love love. HBD Ri!! ????????✨
06/19/2021 10:22
throwback vibes ✨
06/01/2021 08:07
getting back into the groove with my favorite makeup artist @jaredlips ???? my glam fam means the world to me and watching Jared progress back into his makeup world after his battle with #fuckcancer is astonishing ❣️ thanks for making me feel fierce again, J! ???? please everyone follow @bethematch because you never know if you’re the match that could save someone’s life!!
05/26/2021 01:35
summer moon ???? I love you to the ???? & back, you sweet girl. ☀️ you are your mama’s teeny tiny twinsie ???? i can’t wait to watch you grow up. ???????? @scheana @brock__davies
05/24/2021 04:29
Today and everyday I stand against anti-semitism and hate amongst anyone or any group. Spreading love and peace. ???? #blueoutfriday #stopjewishhate
05/21/2021 06:36
vacation vibes x ????
05/14/2021 10:19
oh how I’ve missed you, glorious tan of mine. ????????☀️ (*I wore 30-50 spf everyday*)
05/12/2021 03:45

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