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If pepto threw up on a person
02/16/2021 08:01
The most random drop of photos/videos that never got to see the light of day because I am a photo hoarder/insecure/annoying I’m the claw in #2
01/17/2021 10:35
One of us is stiff, the other is a nutcracker
12/26/2020 08:27
Was going for sexy-windswept-elegance
12/14/2020 08:41
I know I look annoyed, but that’s mainly because I always am
11/22/2020 08:14
My child, my beloved, my torment- OUT NOW! Go get it at any place that sells books (@barnesandnoble US, @waterstones UK, @indigo CAN, and there are a few more I can’t remember because I used my last brain cell penning this magnum opus, @amazon everywhere else????) Now, more cringe- my inability to smile naturally or my claw like fingers????? LOVE ALL OF YOU @mytherapistsays friends, fans, foes, who bought the book; my gratitude is endless. And, if you haven’t, I’ll remember this.
10/16/2020 08:02
????????Back-on my BIRTHDAY!!✨???? Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single person who has embraced me with kindness and support during this very tumultuous year. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to ring in another year, and though quite different from the last, I can’t convey fully my gratitude for everything and everyone who is in my life today. ✨✨✨ So, I’ll allow this Ode to Lola’s narcissism to do it for me. And the terrifying white sparkles shooting laser beams out my eyes. I love you????????????
09/04/2020 07:01
It’s taken me some time to process and believe this is real, and even still, you’re here @a_burkle If you’re really lucky, once in a lifetime, a person will come into your life and turn it upside down, having you questioning everything you thought you knew. Their impact on you will have been profound and electric, and you’ll never forget the moment you met them. Saying Rest In Peace sounds insignificant to what I hope you’re feeling right now, so I’ll say this: rest in eternal joy, love, and happiness. You’ve changed my life forever, whether it was challenging me,coddling me, or inspiring me, you were never ordinary. I will always love you, Andrew. We’ve said, time and again, that we were exactly what we were praying for at the time we met, and I’m so grateful for every moment I had with you. I’ll never forget your smile, the things you’d said, your hugs, your constant-eye rolling, our love of dawn, the poems we would read, your light, your unwavering belief, and your hope that, one day, you’ll have lived a life so full and unique, that it would become the stuff of legend. #Turkle #Gerberdine ????❤️ #RIP
01/08/2020 03:31
THIS NIGHT WAS EPIC. Anddddd, as an avid Star Wars fan, I will probably tell anyone who so much as passes by that it happened.
12/22/2019 11:56
I couldn’t breathe in this corset, but, worth it????‍♀️
12/15/2019 11:20
Although I find long captions to be particularly revolting and tacky, I have to take this moment to thank everyone who got @mytherapistsays to 4 million and allowed that platform to expand to @mytherapisthelps, a project I am proud of, and grateful for. It started with this @cosmopolitan profile and ever since, we’ve never looked back. To think that now we’ve been interviewed by @bloombergbusiness @forbes Russia, Vogue Italy, is beyond anything we ever prepared for, but I’m soooo grateful!!! It’s been a team effort, mainly all the wonderful people who support us. Without getting too sentimental, 2019 has been a whirlwind of a year, and I’m so thankful and grateful for what 2020 has in store???? Thank you thank you thank you????
12/08/2019 11:31
The last photo is typically how my night ends, but add a little stage, and a little confusion #StageGirl
12/01/2019 10:41

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