Gigi Hadid has declassified her daughter's "royal" name

The girl was named after Gigi's paternal grandmother.

The little daughter of supermodel Gigi Hadid and musician Zayn Malik is about to turn five months old, and the parents have only now revealed the name of their firstborn to fans. 

However, the star couple even did it indirectly, without making too much fuss: Gigi edited her Instagram profile, and there appeared the line "Khai's Mom," which translates as "Kai's Mom." It turns out, the name choice has a history, and the translation refers to royal titles.

The girl was named after Gigi's paternal grandmother, and her full name sounded like Khair, which translates to "crowned" in Arabic. Given that the girl's father's last name, Malik, translates to "king" or "monarch," the overall combination of Khai Malik sounds more than weighty.

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