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Ibiza 2019. The last time I flew across the world just before everything shut down. We ate delicious food and snuggled our nearest and dearest having no idea such a huge shift was just around the corner. Holding on to those memories with extreme gratitude for the feelings that each one of these images holds inside them. Because I am the daughter of an architect, I love structures and symmetry. Clays and ocean-blues make my heart beat faster and I can talk about simple decor for hours. If I’m not on Zillow by 9pm its because I am putting together mood boards for future tiny homes, and I have a feeling I’m not alone! Where do you hope to visit when we can all safely travel again? What are you dreaming about, and what are you manifesting?
10/15/2021 08:36
Honey, do I have something in my teeth?
10/14/2021 07:40
Imagery builds bridges. It connects us with the most intimate sides of ourselves and each other. At times, imagery says what words cannot. What an honor to be recognized by Leica as a powerful female photographer in a world full of amazing storytellers. Together we will pave the way for more stories to be told, and more women to be recognized as a driving force for change through the impact of their art.???????????? @leicacamerausa #ReedLeicaWoman #WomenWhoShoot #NRxLeica #LeicaWoman #ShootLeicaWoman
10/13/2021 05:17
Thank you @dior for asking me to host the celebration and launch of Baby Dior in America!What a beautiful two days spent with dear friends and our little ones running around. The kids got to dream up their favorite dresses and suits (you know Elsa was all over ours) + the adults got to hang and hug, something that hasn’t happened in a really long time and was so good for the soul. I’ve known this group of gals for over 16 years. We have played together, worked together, traveled together, vacay-ed together and then had babies together. What a joy it is to spend this next chapter bringing work, family and dreams to life. @staceykubasak I cannot believe we are now moms together, and @nicoleperna and @jeakwo I can’t believe we are officially grown-ups together. Here we are, a decade and a half later running companies and raising kiddos. How lucky that I get to do this alongside some pretty inspiring women. This was beyond lovely, and I cannot wait to do it again. And thank you again @babydior and the entire couture team for the most magical week! ????????????
10/12/2021 08:07
Thirteen years ago I got to visit the Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana. It was pre-smartphone, and also my first time holding a real camera. Two days before my flight I remember driving to Sammy’s on Wilshire Blvd to pick one up. I couldn’t afford to buy a nice camera so I rented one for the trip. Funny as I look back at these photos now, I can see that the focus is soft on almost all of these pictures because I didn’t know how to actually use it :). But the memories are there, in only a handful of semi-blurry images, and what I see when I look at them is... a feeling. And I miss that. I miss the life we all lived 10+ years ago where we weren’t staring down. We were living in our thoughts instead of escaping from them through the constant noise and distraction of texting, emails and social media in our pockets. We were visitors watching a sacred interaction and I crave that kind of quiet. I crave the morning meals spent looking at each other, with no phones in our hands. I remember how good it felt to just be with friends, talking, reading, and experiencing such a different landscape, not projecting how/what will be shared. We checked in with our families every other day, but we weren’t consumed with texting photos and updates every two seconds because…texting didn’t yet exist. And when I did write my family, it was always a long letter describing what I was seeing and experiencing, not a one sentence check-in. We were allowed to be present, something we don’t get to experience now. And I do believe as a result, we were able to live more, if that makes sense. You feel things differently when you are able to fully take in a moment. It makes you more human. Life has evolved so much since then, and as we get further and further away from ourselves while our dependency on technology grows, I want to take a moment to acknowledge how good it felt before, to see if we can find a way back to that feeling now. Do we think we will reach a point where we say enough is enough? Will we recognize that we don’t need every single thing faster, in more abundance, with more efficiency? Will we ever slow down? Will we be able to remain…human?????????????
10/09/2021 06:57
“One of my most valuable lessons in listening resulted from my failure to listen.” A beautiful quote from a new book I picked up by Celeste Headlee on communication called We Need To Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter. Funny, at first glance this quote seems to only be about listening to each other, but I also read this and was reminded of the growing gap between our minds and our intuition. Do we know how to listen at all anymore? Tell me, when you begin a conversation with someone, are you open to being wrong? Are we comfortable being wrong? And inversely, when your intuition tells you that you are right, can you listen? Morning thoughts…
10/07/2021 09:04
Lily and I want to send an extra big THANK YOU to everyone out there for supporting our Sustainable Prints launch over at @bayouwithlove coupled with the encouragement and enthusiasm surrounding the announcement of my partnership with @leicacamerausa . Art is a crucial part of the equation when it comes to activism. Storytelling is a key component of hope, innovation and connection. All of those things are needed to see change on both a macro and micro scale. I am still pinching myself because I cannot possibly believe that I get to now work with a company I have idolized for so long, alongside artists that have moved me, inspired me and changed me to my core. I want all of you out there who might be in a moment that feels uncertain to take every opportunity you can to believe in yourself. For every no, there is a loud wave of yes that must come from inside you. I cannot tell you how many road blocks I have hit along the way, and how many times I have had to show up as my biggest cheerleader so that I didn’t give up. Follow whatever path you feel called to follow, bring with you an undeniable amount of humility and hard work, and you will find your way to passion + purpose. I am so looking forward to connecting on our zoom. See you soon…????????????
10/06/2021 10:46
Shoot LEICA woman! I have something very exciting to share. It is a dream come true. To be an artist, and to be recognized for your art is one of the greatest compliments. In a time where we’re so blinded by our digital experiences, using photography as a vehicle to reconnect with emotion is paramount, and no one knows that better than Leica. I held my Leica for the first time 5 years ago. I invested in a part of myself I hadn’t yet explored. I wanted to start over from a new perspective… pun intended, and my camera became my journal. I went from holding a pen, to holding my Leica, because I discovered there were feelings found through imagery that words couldn’t express. Today Leica has officially asked me to be their partner and I am pinching myself...hard! We will be working on a number of projects together over the next year beginning with spearheading a very powerful initiative; co-creating opportunities to support women and their photography around the world. Female photographers, journalists and storytellers all over the globe know the power of holding a camera. In a time where we view the world through our phones, let this be a reminder that art still exists, storytelling matters, and we can see beauty through a different lens once again. Thank you @leicacamerausa for the honor of a lifetime! And a huge thank you to @kiran.karnani for bringing this partnership to life. I am beyond honored to represent such an iconic brand. Video by the one and only @jasonbergh ???????????? #ReedLeicaWoman #WomenWhoShoot #NRxLeica #LeicaWoman #ShootLeicaWoman
10/05/2021 07:02
And just like that…we’re live with new Sustainable Prints at @bayouwithlove . Why do we want imagery? Is it to capture a moment, or to preserve a moment? Is it because we somehow know, in that moment, that we want to hold onto something so fleeting? Is it to relive something twice? Every photo has a story, one that I am so excited to share with all of you on our call this month. All of our prints prioritize sustainability by using tree-free, cotton fiber papers that are both renewable and 100% recyclable. As our print house has shared with us, the paper is made from the cotton linter, or short fuzzy fibers that adhere to cottonseeds after ginning. This makes cotton-based papers extremely special. Not only is the fiber renewable, but the linter used for making paper is already a byproduct of the fabric-making process. Water contamination and deforestation are the two main reasons that drive them to use tree-free papers exclusively. Their goal is to provide the highest quality photographic media and printing service without sacrificing the environment. By supporting this launch and purchasing a print during the first 48 hours, you will receive a special zoom link just for you. This will enable you to access our community storytelling zoom, where we will connect on art, photography and the story behind each image. Thank you for choosing slow art, conscious art + art with a purpose???????????? From BaYou, With Love…Nikki
10/03/2021 09:22
I’ve had my head down working so hard this past week gearing up for the launch of our new Sustainable Prints Collection tomorrow, and the release of a project and dream partnership I have been so anxious to share with all of you! Pulling 16 hour days over here, although sharing that goes against my philosophy of over-glorifying productivity, I felt it necessary to share the amount of love and passion that has gone into what will soon be revealed. Stay tuned its going to be a fun few days! As always thank you for choosing slow art, conscious art, and art with a purpose! ????????????
10/02/2021 05:43

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