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The countdown to the CinéFashion Film Awards by @CinemoiOfficial has officially begun! Join me as I host the #CFFAs, a fabulous 2 day event where we'll be celebrating the best in fashion, film, & music! Stream the premiere on the CINÉMOI network on November 24th & 25th at 9 PM E!
11/20/2020 05:29
We are living in some challenging times and I imagine in some ways that we are all ‘walking our desert’. I wanted to share a link for a man that I respect and admire. Zach was my stunt double while shooting #piratesofthecaribbean and always had a smile on his face whatever the challenge before him was. He is currently bravely fighting ALS which is progressing much faster than expected. If you happen to be a fan of the movie and/or me please follow the link in my bio for ways you could be a blessing for this wonderful family. Wishing you all health and happiness as we move thru these difficult days. Thank you ????????
11/20/2020 04:59
As an out person in my local community, again this is Eli @beingelirigatuso talking, not Kelly (although she is uplifting my voice today and I am extremely grateful), I am often asked to support and mentor young people in my community. Representation is IMPERATIVE for them to see they are not alone and there are still so many of our youth who are unable to get the support they need. Some live in unsupportive homes with parents who are uneducated about what it means to be transgender, non-binary, Two Spirit, and gender non-conforming! So I created Speaking of Happy to uplift and educate! It is a PASSION project and most of the time I am providing education at zero cost to parents of these kiddos as well as doing presentations to local businesses and non-profits who are seeking to create more open and affirming spaces for the folks like me who work for them. I have shared my lived experience around my personal struggles with coming out and allowing my full self to be seen, heard, honored, and affirmed as well as my JOY around being in a relationship that honors and affirms all of me! Our youth need to see our JOY too! Many of them are living in unsupportive environments and statistics show that ONE supportive adult in their life can reduce their chances of dying by suicide by 40%!!! I share this journey through Speaking of Happy and the adventures of Rainbow Batman who has traveled with me to many places you can see on @speakingofhappy Instagram page. If you want to support this initiative you can do so by clicking becoming a supporter on our patreon page at you can also find this link on our Speaking Of Happy profile! For as low as $5 a month you can view our content and support us and after five months we will send you a Rainbow Batman refrigerator magnet!   #MenomineeNation #TwoSpirit #WeAreHere #IndigenousPride #TransAndProud #TransTakeOver #TransMasculine #SpeakingOfHappy #NativePride #SomethingElse #BeYou #BeProud #NoOneWayToBeTrans
11/19/2020 04:31
Today has been totally unreal! Kelly thank you for allowing me the honor of conducting #TransTakeOver on your Instagram and for your incredible generosity! This is truly what uplifting the voices of our community is all about and to express our HAPPINESS TOO! What is Speaking of Happy? First of all, it is a passion project created by me, Eli, to share my own story of transition and greater awareness of acknowledging parts of myself I allowed being dismissed! I allowed the voices of others to be louder than my own voice and would frequently silence myself. Until one day I realized I had become my own biggest oppressor! Creating this image with my friend @SamuelJacobsPhotography was when I finally realized how the hand over my mouth wasn’t just the hand of the oppressor but my hand too! You can read more about the creation of this image and unpacking my own trauma at Today I am living fully self-expressed, proud to acknowledge being actively engaged in my own self-care and healthcare and I am incredibly grateful to those who have paved the way before me. Representation is LIFE! I would love to acknowledge a few folks in my life who have also helped me to believe in me @missavalisa you are a fierce black transgender woman who lives her life unapologetically having you in my life is FIRE! @ladyshugdrag my Diné sister! Seeing you come alive on @werehere was amazing! Your speaking of the importance of our indigenous two spirit selves on national TV was EVERYTHING! @AsheleeMariePreston your words uplift me all the time! You speak the absolute truth in all you do and your words have inspired me to be me! Lexy Stubblefield, who has no Instagram needs a shout-out because she is a fierce outspoken black trans advocate in Omaha living out loud and proud! @amarrathedoll aka Amarra Rysdorph out there in NYC living out your dreams and sharing your truth inspiring so many young folks to be true to who they are! Our dreams can and do come true! Thank you all! A’Ho, ELI2S Eagle Heart!
11/19/2020 03:01
To say that I am honored to be given this platform is an understatement! My heart is filled with joy today because the truth is we transgender, Two Spirit, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks are often not allowed JOY! Folks are even commenting on these posts, so generously being made possible by Kelly, with their lack of knowledge and awareness about who we are as PEOPLE. And we are PEOPLE first! The following images signify a reclamation of my indigenous side as well as being proud of my body! Allowing myself to step into my authentic self and truth has been the biggest gift I could have ever given myself! I am a proud queer transmasculine two spirit of the Menominee Nation and there is NO one way to express these sides of myself. WE are complex and gorgeous human beings who deserve to celebrate ourselves proudly! There are so many myths around who I am as an indigenous human being that I bump up against all the time too. I am real. I don't have anything to prove to anyone but myself and the truth is I AM PROUD of who I am. If these posts upset you maybe you need to take a look at where you lack pride in yourself. “Deconstructing myths about American Indians is so important. At their core, the debates about Indianness are debates about authenticity. Authenticity is predicated upon specific dynamics that define “real” Indians. These are “commonsense” understandings that are built into society’s dominant narratives, where certain assumptions are held to be unquestionably true. For example, real Indians are expected to look a certain way based on an appropriate minimum “blood quantum.” Or real Indians live on reservations, not in cities, and they embody the requisite appropriate blood quantum. These examples imply an impossible ideal about Indians as frozen in an unchangeable past, where they are unable to be both modern and Indian.” ~ All the Real Indians Died Off and 20 other myths about Native Americans by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker @BeingEliRigatuso @Samueljacobsphotography @sarah_gudeman @AshleeMariePreston @SpeakingOfHappy #MythsAboutNativeAmericans #MenomineeNation #TwoSpirit #WeAreHere #IndigenousPride #TransAndProud #Tr
11/19/2020 01:51
We all know this has been a difficult year on so many levels. We have seen the highest number of transgender lives being taken and I would be remiss not to mention this fact. Black transgender women are being murdered at the highest rates in the nation and this should make us all take pause and reflect. I am standing on the shoulders of some amazing people, Marsha P. Johnson, Silvia Riveria, and Miss Major Griffin Gracy who were all on the front lines of the Stonewall Riots. And when I am advocating for folks like me I always give them the honor they deserve! If you do not know who they are please give them a google search and read up! For me, I have struggled to find joy in the midst of this pandemic as I, unfortunately, lost my mother to covid on July 26, 2020. And 5 days later I tested positive myself and ended up hospitalized for 12 days fighting for every breath. To have @AshleeMariePreston select me to participate in this project is beyond my wildest dreams! For Kelly to allow me to take over her page and share my story is a blessing I do not take for granted. And I would be remiss not to share how my life started and honor my mother, The Mama. This image is of my mother who spent the past 10 years prior to her death living with early-onset Alzheimer's dementia. The most extraordinary thing about The Mama is that when I shared my gender identity with her in 2015 her response was "Oh I know it!" And from that point forward she honored me as her son! Even as she continued to lose her cognitive abilities! So, I dedicate this post to The Mama, my Mama, Elizabeth June Conger Rigatuso who I know is watching over me today from the Spirit Realm with great pride and love in her heart for me, her son, A'Ho ELI2S, Eagle Heart! @beingelirigatuso #transtakeover #transawarenessweek #queer #transmasculine #transjoy #speakingofhappy #twospirit #indigenous #native #menominee #midwest #omaha #DistrictTwoNebraska #BeYou #BeProud #SpeakingofHappy
11/18/2020 11:24
Listen in as Eli shares what this is all about! Trans Joy!! We could use more of this! @beingelirigatuso #transtakeover #transawarenessweek #queer #transmasculine #transjoy #speakingofhappy #twospirit #indigenous #native #menominee #midwest #omaha #DistrictTwoNebraska #BeYou #BeProud #MoreThanAHashtag #SpeakingOfHappy
11/18/2020 10:51
I am Eli Rigatuso, queer transmasculine Two Spirit of the Menominee Nation and Trans Take Over Operation Osbourne is me sharing a little JOY via Kelly's instagram feed because she is an awesome human being and fully supportive of transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks! My identity is something extremely important to me, all parts of it! And my journey is unique because I have had to unpack a great deal of my own trauma to find happiness! Two Spirit is an indigenous term that describes how I identify intrinsically in regard to my gender. Two Spirit folks in my Menominee Nation have been held in high regard and if someone like me was born into a family it was seen as a blessing. We are the storytellers, the medicine people, therapists, and visionaries! To be given this day to uplift my story and share my joy with you all via Kellly's instagram is TRULY AMAZING! Be sure to check out @SpeakingOfHappy on Instragram and facebook and learn more about my mission of spreading happiness! @beingelirigatuso #transtakeover #transawarenessweek #queer #transmasculine #transjoy #speakingofhappy #twospirit #indigenous #native #menominee #midwest #omaha #DistrictTwoNebraska #BeYou #BeProud #SpeakingOfHappy
11/18/2020 10:26
Stay Tuned! In honor of Transgender Awareness Week, things are about to get SUPER HAPPY around here! Trans Take Over Operation Osbourne is getting a new kind of hero! @beingelirigatuso #transtakeover #transawarenessweek #queer #transmasculine #transjoy #speakingofhappy #twospirit #indigenous #native #menominee #midwest #omaha #DistrictTwoNebraska #BeYou #BeProud
11/18/2020 07:25
Ahead of @unicef’s #WorldChildrensDay on 20 November, I spoke to Maria, an inspiring eleven-year-old, on her quest to protect the environment in Barbados. To reimagine a more sustainable world for every child, we must continue to listen to young people like Maria. Watch out for more @voicesofyouth conversations @UNICEF
11/18/2020 07:08
All I can say is 2020
11/16/2020 10:32
In honor of Veterans Day here in the ???????? we are screening a very special Director’s Cut of The Outpost in select theaters. Proceeds are going to the Bob Woodruff Foundation which aids our wounded warriors. Link in bio for info
11/12/2020 01:05

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