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10/02/2020 08:43
How to turn dark thoughts into something positive.
09/30/2020 01:36
Supreme Court Justices aren’t on our ballots, but the elected officials who choose and approve them are. @WhenWeAllVote is breaking down how it all works & helping us make sure our voices are heard this election. Check out this important info!
09/30/2020 12:14
Hi everyone. This is such good info. Take time to read each one to understand how your vote can affect change. Justice is on the ballot. I’m working with @WhenWeAllVote to learn how YOUR vote affects the justice system. Here's a breakdown. Join our mission to increase voter participation in every election at and vote vote vote!
09/28/2020 07:15
Talk about our new song What I Would Say, music genres, creative process and Detroit.
09/25/2020 06:38
We are talking about our new song What I Would Say , Bruce Springsteen’s words of wisdom and creativity.
09/25/2020 06:04
I was drawn to this image for the single cover by Photographer @stevensebring for WHAT I WOULD SAY because each person struggling with substances started out pure and innocent. It’s that beauty we must remember exists within each of us, no matter what we are struggling with. Each day brings an opportunity to start anew. It is #nationalrecoverymonth Help is available. #alcoholicsanonymous #alanon #narcoticsanonymous
09/23/2020 07:07
Happy Birthday, Bruce!! @springsteen the original Jersey Boy with the Original Jersey Girl @officialrumbledoll Some Jersey wisdom Bruce has said to me: Creativity is time independent Good songs stay written A writer needs to be forgiven, seeks redemption, and atonement. (That was at Tribeca Film Festival)
09/23/2020 11:34
Hey all! Voting is one way to make your voice heard on issues YOU care about!! During National Voter Week of Action, I’m teaming up with @WhenWeAllVote to get every eligible voter registered and ready to vote. Head to the link in my bio to make sure you're registered, and your voice is heard.
09/22/2020 07:13
Emmys. Walk down red carpet memory lane as I start with the dress that got on a Top Ten list!!! This was the dress that was on Time Magazines Annual Top Ten WORST dresses along with @ladygaga ’s Meat Dress. I loved it. So there. And so did Tom. Go ahead and make your snarky comments. We had a great time. Dress 1: Prada Dress 2: Armani Dress 3: Roberto Cavalli Dress 4: Christian Dior
09/20/2020 11:37
“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you." Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thank you for your service to our country. Prayers to Ms. Ginsburg’s family.
09/19/2020 07:15
My new song WHAT I WOULD SAY is for anyone who loves or cares about someone struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs. We want the best for the people we love. We want them to be healthy. We also understand that there’s nothing anyone can do to make someone get sober. I know too many people who have thought the worst, and know too many whose lives have been forever changed by addiction. There are also millions of people who get and stay sober. If you or a loved one is struggling, there is help. It’s National Recovery Month. #nationalrecoverymonth #alanon #aa #alcoholicsanonymous photo:@stevensebring
09/17/2020 05:41