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We failed her. And. I beg anyone who is tempted, we don't need a Bull Conner speech. It's everyone's right to care. To mourn. To grieve. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, what you do. Her death is an agony. She was a beautiful, young, 26 year old front line worker. With her whole life in front of her. All that promise. All that hope. Her name was Breonna Taylor. X, SJ
09/24/2020 03:42
A giant. And always aiming for a more perfect union. RIP Your Honor. And Godspeed. X, SJ
09/19/2020 05:01
September 11th, 2020 @raoulsrestaurantnyc Walking to and from. A standing date. Same time. Same place. Year after year. Cause. Old habits die hard. This year seemed a miracle. X,SJ
09/12/2020 07:00
September 11th, 2020 19 years. Always honoring. Always remembering. Mourning the lives lost And the unity found. Peace. X, SJ
09/11/2020 10:01
Dateline New York City. 54th between 5th and 6th. I’m here until my parent/teacher conference. X, Sj
09/10/2020 08:24
J'adore. Je t'aime. X, SJ #zinebtriki #nadiaelmansour
09/03/2020 08:04
Sept 1st, 2020 Rabbit rabbit X, SJ #bettyelavette
09/01/2020 01:25
This should do. X, SJ @wliw21
08/28/2020 04:06
@themuseumofmodernart Doors re-open to the public August 27th. At last. Sigh. So proud to be your new neighbor. X, Sj
08/25/2020 09:09
Drops Friday. Don't talk to me all day Saturday. X, SJ
08/25/2020 06:29
To scale. X,SJ
08/19/2020 09:53
"Serpentine, serpentine!" "The In-Laws" Thats what I do. With mask. X,SJ
08/18/2020 04:47