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A tiny portion of keepsakes I have kept from @alberelbaz8 He always left little notes inside parcels. I have saved these and every box, container and pin he ever sent my way. And more importantly, innumerable memories. Treasures ever more so dear. @alberelbaz8 inspired, loved and brought joy to every occasion. Godspeed and RIP. X,SJ
04/25/2021 07:23
Sob. What once was. The previous Cornelia Street Cafe. Still a wee tough to walk by you your neglected facade. X, SJ
04/25/2021 02:43
I swear he is here every day. Nuts for this bird. X,SJ
04/24/2021 01:04
@wine_spectator we are humbled by this big stinking news!!!! Thank you for including our @invivoxsjp among your top 100 most exciting wines of 2020!!! And thank you to so many who have brought us home over and over and shared with us your stories and gorgeous photos! Cheers to happy, health and safe gatherings. X,SJ
04/15/2021 11:18
@scottwittman @bcaball Adventures on the road took them to El Paso and environs. San Jacinto Park (SJP) Welcomes all visitors! X, SJ PS I'm not in El Paso! Just on receiving end of photo from friends who are!
04/14/2021 08:00
Calling all @praddenkeefe readers!!!!! His newest offering, the title everyone is talking about, Empire of Pain can at last be ours!!!! Now I'll never get any sleep. Who cares. Happy reading!!!! X, SJ
04/14/2021 01:16
A missed friend and a restaurant I’ve missed. @madamevonyc always even better than we remembered. X,SJ
04/11/2021 06:50
Anne Beatts Pioneer. Creator. An original. Life changer. I loved Patty Greene. I love my "Square Pegs" memories. And I loved Anne Beatts. RIP X, SJ
04/09/2021 02:47
2 times today. But I left them there for you. Thompson St. Just north of Houston. X,SJ
04/09/2021 01:40
Get it? X,SJ
04/09/2021 01:40
Yep. That’s me. But I think I’m in fine company. Thank you dear Marlene. For this. And countless other things. X,SJ
04/07/2021 07:21
There's a new pasta in town. 3 years to invent this brand-new shape. Called cascatelli or waterfalls. Or indescribably delicious. Like a new definition of delicious. @thesporkful , time well spent. A treat to eat. X, SJ PS NOT an ad. It's just about pasta.
04/07/2021 12:42

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