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Countdown to #LFW! Although this season is looking incredibly different for team VB, we’re hard at work behind-the-scenes and so excited to share the new collection with you. x vb
09/14/2020 10:43
New #VBEyewear is here. The Flat Top V is an iconic silhouette (and VB’s personal favourite), with sharp lines and subtle stripes accentuated by thin acetate temples with a textured metal wire core. Made from bi-layer acetate with five barrel hinges.
09/14/2020 08:22
New #VBEyewear is here. 

The Fine Aviator is a classic aviator shape with added attention to detail, Featuring a half rim shape, grooved cylindrical mental temples and brow bar, triple gradient lenses and heat-moulded acetate temple tips. Made with Zeiss lenses and premium block hinges.
09/14/2020 08:09
New #VBEyewear is here. 

The Deep Square is an oversized 70s-inspired silhouette, offset by thin acetate temples with a textured metal core in a quilted pattern and made from rich layered, gradient acetates with five barrel hinges.
09/14/2020 07:51
#VVB reimagined by illustrator @feegreening “For my final piece I’ve drawn Billie Holiday’s trademark Gardenia flower. Supposedly Holiday scorched her hair with some curling tongs just before going on stage and thinking on her feet hid the burn with some white Gardenias from her dressing room, they then became her trademark look. I love this story and always think of it whenever I hear her music. The flower floats within a starry sky referencing some of my favourite lyrics sung by her.”
09/12/2020 08:29
#VVB reimagined by illustrator @feegreening “My preferred medium is a very traditional dip pen and ink. It’s very time consuming and delicate. In order to not make a mistake I have to focus entirely on the process for hours at a time, which means I can really break away from reality and lose myself in a piece of work.”
09/12/2020 07:52
#VVB worn by illustrator @feegreening “As a jazz lover I adore the theme of the collection. In particular I was drawn to the reference to Billie Holiday. I often listen to her beautiful music when I work, it is complete escapism, so calming and otherworldly, the perfect thing to listen to while I delicately draw. Like me Billie Holiday was also an obsessive dog lover, one of my pet names for my dog is Mister after Billie Holiday’s own loyal companion who accompanied her to many a club performance.”
09/12/2020 07:20
Revitalise your wardrobe for the new season with versatile coats and an ultra bright colour palette #VBPAW20
09/10/2020 07:30
Pair richly textured outerwear with vivid block colours and 70s-inspired prints #VBPAW20
09/10/2020 07:05
The perfect colour pairing for a sunny day in London. Wearing the high-waisted bright mint trousers from my #VBPAW20 collection x vb
09/10/2020 12:25
#VVB worn by artist @lunga_ntila “My process starts off with a rough sketch, which I use as a reference point for the composition of my images. Then I hop on to photoshop to chip and chop the images until they fit what I had imagined.”
09/09/2020 09:41
#VVB worn by artist @lunga_ntila 
“My pieces are my understanding of what clothing can be. With clothes you can tap into different personas. Clothes can be another way you can articulate yourself.”
09/09/2020 08:58