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01/01/2021 04:20
May your year be LENGENDARY. Or, Wait... Naw... May it NOT be legendary. May it just be... a NORMAL ASS YEAR!
12/31/2020 11:11
I grew up in Philly.  There were plenty of days i wished i had a flame thrower!  Hahahahaha ???? @im.slow
12/26/2020 10:57
NOBODY could have gotten out of those damn foam pit thingies!! Merry Christmas, Everybody.
12/26/2020 05:52
but there’s one who’s been doing the rest of us real proud rockin’ a World Series ring!! Link in bio to watch me meet @Will.Smith for the first time #WillFromHome
12/21/2020 05:15
I had to send love to my guy Brennan (@haircut4homeless) who’s been serving up haircuts to the homeless of Philadelphia, showering his community with unconditional love and kindness :-) From 404 to 215, thanx @ludacris for being the best best man for the job. New episodes of #WillfromHome streaming on Snapchat now y’all
12/20/2020 02:28
If only 2020 coulda been as short as Carlton. @theccnyc @freshprince
12/19/2020 02:16
Friend sent me this video... don’t think he sounds like me AT ALL
12/17/2020 01:05
I loved being on Gam’s new podcast #PositivelyGam, especially because I didn’t have to put on shoes :-) You a real one @gammynorris!!
12/16/2020 09:44
So this is the #blindfoldgiftchallenge… you gotta guess the gift or you don’t get it. This is the type of nonsense happening on set of #WillFromHome on Snapchat ???? ???? @maxgoodrich
12/16/2020 12:42
Watch our premiere of #WillFromHome and just TRY not to smile. I dare you! Link in bio to watch the rest on Snapchat!
12/14/2020 10:54
We’re unwrapping the truth that good things happen to good people!! New season of #WillFromHome starts Monday on Snapchat and we’re shining a light on the people who went above and beyond to care for others through this difficult year. We see you and we’re celebrating YOU!! @jasonderulo @aliciakeys @lizakoshy @blackthought @masterp @lilnasx @ludacris @missjillscott @will.smith
12/09/2020 07:40

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