Sarah Jessica Parker will help to brides with dresses

Sarah Jessica Parker is known not only as a talented actress.

She is well-versed in the fashion world and is engaged in the design of shoes. The "Sex and the City" star continues to grow in this regard.

Soon she will introduce the audience to her collection of wedding dresses. A new line of clothes from Parker is designed for every taste and money. Dresses are made in different styles. While there are only ten, but they will appeal to women who dream about both unusual and classic wedding dress.

Of course, the dresses will be complemented with smart shoes that match the original silhouettes. Sarah will present interesting variants of skirts and, surprisingly, overalls. In addition to the traditional white color, the designer-actress offers a rich palette.

She noted that the collection is aimed at practicality. After the celebration, these outfits can be adapted for everyday life.

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